The DBA Experience

1. Testimonials

How do some of our participants experience the DBA programme?

Dieter Bruneel


As a lawyer, I look at what the law says today, at what procedures exist. As a researcher I can ask myself, what should the law be saying?

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Luc Wynant

After all these years of practical experience, I can almost smell certain patterns.

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Benjamin De Brabander


A job is often a shootout. This course has enabled me to take a step back.

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Sandrine Le Thomas


I kept coming up against the same issues. I simply had to figure them out.

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How do some of our faculty experience the DBA programme?

David Veredas


One of the most exciting courses I ever taught at Vlerick Business School. The ingredients are simple: motivated participants, a good book, a board, and active participation. For two days we did a deep dive into the quantitative pillars of decision making, focusing on the “why” and the “how”. A highly appreciated course that equipped DBA participants with the analytical tools they need for their research.

Veroniek Collewaert


Teaching in the DBA programme to me feels like a trip down memory lane: reflecting on everything you wish you had known when first starting out on the PhD journey. It is a great experience getting to share those lessons learned with our DBA participants!

Barbara Briers


In the DBA programme, we combine business expertise AND rigorous research. As a professor this is a dream coming true, being pushed forward by highly dedicated and enthusiastic executives who want to dig into the world of academic research. I truly enjoy this!

Katleen De Stobbeleir


For me, it has been very energizing to observe the transformational impact that the DBA programme has on people. It’s as much about learning new skills (critical thinking, analytical skills, etc) as it is about developing a whole new professional and academic mindset and identity, where the questions you ask become as important as the solutions you come up with.

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DBA Conference: Striving for Research that Matters

Marco Busi


Research is about the Big Questions. How can you answer them if you have to write papers all the time?

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DBA Experience: The challenges that participant face

Eva Cools


That enforced slow pace is perhaps frustrating, but it’s also the good thing about the dba programme.

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