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When you come to Vlerick, you step away from your usual routine and gain a wider, more strategic perspective. You’ll learn by doing – taking theory and tools from the classroom and applying them in real life. Everything you learn is relevant to your organisation and the challenges you face – and has an immediate impact in your workplace.

We believe learning is an engaging experience. So whether you study face-to-face or online, you’ll share your journey with a diverse group of peers – gaining insights you may not have considered before. And you’ll have expert faculty  and practitioners to challenge you, support you and get the best out of you. They bring a wealth of experience from their own professional lives.

All of these things help you become a confident, skilled professional, ready to succeed in business – and in life. So come to Vlerick. Join our vibrant, inspiring community. And get ready for great things to happen.

Module 1: Making finance decisions

  • Explore the purpose of corporate finance
  • Learn how to interpret financial statements and reports
  • Dive into working capital management and cash conversion cycle
  • Understand financial planning, fundraising and capital budgeting
  • Get insights into firm valuation and enterprise risk management

Module 2: Advanced Corporate Finance

  • Dive into the theories that underpin corporate finance decisions
  • Explore how these decisions can create value
  • Learn about various types of financing
  • Design the optimal capital structure of a firm

Module 3: Accounting for decisions

  • Develop your financial accounting literacy skills
  • Understand the key principles of accounting for financial instruments
  • Discover valuation methods and frameworks
  • Learn how to carry out cash flow analysis and profitability analysis

Module 4: Capital budgeting and valuation

  • Discover how to apply advanced company valuation methodologies
  • Compare, evaluate and construct capital budgeting valuation models
  • Learn to write analyst reports
  • Critically analyse the financial press
  • Dive into sophisticated financial modelling using Monte Carlo Simulation tool

A learning experience like no other

When you come to Vlerick, you step away from your usual routine and gain a wider perspective. You discover how to tackle challenges, turn your knowledge into action and apply your skills in your workplace. You learn from faculty who are experts in their fields – and from a diverse group of peers. All these things help you become a confident, skilled professional, ready to succeed in business – and in life.

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Drive real change in your organisation

A learning experience with real impact on your operations? A management programme tailored to the specific needs of your business? Contact us and discover how we can design and deliver customised programmes for your team that add genuine value to your organisation.

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