Evelien OmbeletsCodit
Group Financial Controller

"academic grounding and a hands-on practical understanding of many of the challenges and day-to-day issues we face as financial directors. This is a new programme, but it is so excellently prepared. The topics we discuss have direct relevance to our work and the teaching is enriched by input from industry-experts who are on hand to talk through real-world issues. I also really appreciated the diversity within my cohort – professionals from a range of backgrounds facing the same challenges as I do. I have left the programme having gained a breadth of vision in terms of tackling problems, and with the frameworks, tools and confidence to try new approaches."

Stefan Beelen, Euroclear
Director, Finance Division

"I chose The Finance Function as a Business Partner programme because it aligned well with what we want to do within my organisation in terms of finance as a strong advisory partner within the company. In this sense it was an excellent fit. It’s a short and intensive learning experience – you cover a lot of ground in two immersive days. For me a real highlight was our discussions and analysis of metric models for decision-making because of the strong focus on actionable outcomes. In finance, we sometimes speak a different language to the rest of the business, so something that was really prioritised here was the need to translate models into clear messages. I also particularly appreciated the strategy mapping element, which was a good balance between the theoretical and the practical. I feel the that programme has provided the reassurance that in my organisation we’re on the right track, while at the same time giving me the insights and the confidence to try new techniques and approaches."

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