Why personal coaching is a gift to yourself

Prof Peter De Prins

There are so many wonderful things about having a personal coach to support and encourage you.  And we could dazzle you with figures and studies to support that statement. But instead – and with great respect for those studies and the research that has been conducted on the impact of coaching and the most effective methodologies to use – we believe there’s more added value in giving you some short, powerful answers to some essential questions:

Why should you treat yourself to a one-on-one coaching session?

1. Dedicated Personal Time has a great impact.
Be honest: how often does someone listen to you, with full attention, for over two hours – focusing exclusively on your concerns, challenges and priorities?  It’s a wonderful thing to have a personal, private, intimate and challenging conversation dedicated entirely to helping you move forward with confidence!

2. It challenges you to become ‘a better you’.
A coach challenges you to work and play harder and better.  Having a coach focuses your attention, clarifies your goals, makes hidden insights clear, and encourages you to aim higher.  Your coach is your challenger, your sparring partner, and, at times, the person you love to hate most.

3. It improves your performance, both at home and at work.
You become more productive. You become more efficient, more effective, more results-oriented.  Many of our student and employee coachees begin to accomplish far more in less time, with less effort and with fewer false-starts.

4. It helps you clarify what you really want.
You become more honest about your goals and objectives. Sure you have targets set by your company. But you can choose how to achieve them. A coach helps you make the choices you really want to go for.

5. It helps you unravel the more complex challenges.
A coach helps you see the big picture and create an overview of the different aspects to tackle.

Why does Vlerick believe in coaching?

First and foremost, because our students and the employees at our customers’ organisations come to believe in coaching themselves. And they show it. 

Plus, many studies show that the effect of coaching is very positive. On average, 88% of coachees rate the effectiveness and impact of coaching as ‘high’ to ‘very high’ (CIPD, 2005).

What is the added value of a one-on-one session compared to group coaching?

One-on-one focus greatly intensifies the personalised approach and leads to a profound understanding of the proper situation. For most coachees, a one-on-one session also enhances the feeling of safety and trust, which leads to more openness and genuine behaviour. Personal matters, for example, can be mentioned more easily in a one-on-one coaching session.

Why personal coaching is a gift to yourself

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