Iris Lopes
Iris Lopes, NIC Finance Projecten
Managing Director

“The ‘Creating Business Value with Big Data’ programme showed me that my fellow participants and the companies they work for need to take further steps in their organisation. Companies acknowledge the high value of internal Big Data projects, but they underestimate the link between the business itself and the IT department. In practice, the one can’t function without the other.

Big data can facilitate cohesion within an organisation − not only is there a role for IT, but the human aspect in creating added value is a crucial and major part of a big data project’s success.

The Vlerick programme impressed me by its content, the professionalism and expertise of the faculty, and the level of the other participants as well. Pitching practical cases, followed by sounding-board sessions, resulted in useful feedback from both the professors and the fellow participants and made the programme an inspiring experience.”

 Benjamin Duquesnoy

Benjamin Duquesnoy, Euroclear
Data Scientist

“The ‘Creating Business Value with Big Data’ programme is an amazing experience! You don’t need any background in the domain to participate − just an awareness of the gold mine of data you are sitting on in your company and the willingness to truly exploit it.

The programme familiarises you with the world of Big Data and presents a framework that enables you to combine the business domain with the technical domain, which is key to the success of your Big Data initiatives. Everything is provided for you to get the most out of it: the professors with their specialised disciplines, speakers from a variety of companies, theory and group practice, and last but not least: excellent networking times.

I strongly recommend this programme if you want to build yourself a toolbox for Advanced Analytics. As for myself, I came away with a lot more tools than I had before, and I will definitely use them in my daily job!”

 Benoît Collet Benoît Collet, SPI

“If you want to enter the big data world, ‘Creating Business Value with Big Data’ is an ideal programme. I found it very complete, touching all aspects of big data (technical, HR, legal, …). In addition to the content, the very participative instruction method is really effective, creating numerous exchanges among the participants.
It was also an opportunity to re-connect with my Flemish colleagues and to learn from each other. I really learned a lot, and I’ve already implemented some of the concepts in my organisation.
Finally, a special award for the big data and change management session − which was really impressive in both substance and form!”
Jelle Provoost

Jelle Provoost, STAS
Sales Manager

“Today, we’re hearing that big data is the fuel of the future. But we don’t really know how to get involved. Are we gathering the right data? Are we analysing the data correctly? Are our actions sufficient to put us ahead of our competitors? And if not, which actions do we need to take?
My company has been struggling with all of these questions, and this Vlerick programme taught me the steps I need to take. I could immediately relate the very practical approach to several business cases in our company. And the combination of participants with business, analytics and IT backgrounds confronts you with all aspects of any big data case.
At the end of the programme, we presented a big data business case and discussed the way forward in the group. Then, in the ‘Come back days’ a couple of months later, we reflected on the steps we were taking. This part of the programme ensures that your company gets immediate results!”


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