Sacha Oerlemans

 Sacha Oerlemans, Q-Park NV
 Corporate Marketing

“If you want to enhance the performance of your organisation − or simply ‘put things in perspective’ − I recommend participating in the 3-day Digital Strategy programme! For me, it clarified an array of buzz words, and provided guidance and gave me context for proceeding strategically. The combination of relevant information, properly frame-working digital innovation, and providing an easy-to-use model was exactly what I needed. The smart cases and interaction with fellow participants made the information easily digestible and memorable. It was great − don’t hesitate!”
 Erik Van Tricht Erik Van Tricht, Van Tricht Interim & Consultancy

"The Digital Strategy programme is thought-provoking. What I enjoyed most during the programme were the interesting cases, and the interaction with other participants. Digitatization is no rocket science, and you just have to start somewhere. I can apply the learnings of the programme in my daily work, because they are easily accessible."

René De Zoete

René De Zoete, Rabobank Utrecht
Executive Vice President Marketing & Distributions

“Digital Strategy was a great learning experience combining conceptual insights with many practical cases. This and the passion of Professor Steve Muylle was a great inspiration for crafting my company’s strategy."
Elmar Duiveman

Elmar Duiveman, Achmea Corporate Communications
Digital Strategy & Social Media Manager

“As Achmea is transforming itself into a digital insurer I decided to take this programme at Vlerick. I see that Vlerick is a leader in the area of digital transformation. The programme simplifies the broad spectrum of digital into a practical model − that’s a great added value. It brings into focus where each component has to make a contribution in the online and offline mix. I use the things I learned in the programme every day. What really stayed with me is that companies must integrate digital in their business model. One way or another, customers ask you for it, and it’s becoming a race-to-the-bottom regarding price. But do your customers want to pay more now? In the future, what products or services are you going to deliver via which channels?"
Maud Walkowiak

Maud Walkowiak, Rabobank
Senior Marketeer

“Digital is changing the world, and progress is not linear. As a senior marketer and strategist, I like to stay ahead of the – digital - game. I believe that most companies urgently need to rethink their business and operating models and develop a comprehensive digital strategy. During Vlerick’s intensive 3-day Digital Strategy programme, Professor Steve Muylle enthusiastically presented a framework that provides a broader scope and understanding of the digital possibilities and pitfalls. And the best part was that we could put these lessons into practice in daily group breakout sessions.”
Ward Hemeryck 

Ward Hemeryck, Agoria           
Digital Manager

“Finally a course that acknowledges the importance of thinking ahead. Digital is so much more than just social media presence! I got a good insight into the importance of positioning a brand strategically in the digital environment. The course offers a splendid mix of hands-on material and in-depth knowledge about mobile usage, social media, viral ads and responsive design. But the reason why “digital strategy” is different to other courses is that it goes beyond these digital building blocks and uses them in a broad marketing spectrum, that really makes you reflect on how to build and adapt your business in an ever changing digital world.”
 Erik Put

Eric Put, Valexion
Transformation Manager 

“While digitisation is not new, the digital economy is entering a new era that presents unprecedented challenges. Digital tools are invading the business environment, provoking changes in the way we work, communicate, and sell. Today’s tech-savvy, multi-device-owning customers are demanding a relevant and delightful experience at all times and across all channels. This programme on Digital Strategy presents a practical overview on how to define an optimal approach for the different digital channels. Prof Steve Muylle is up-to-date and inspirational. I enjoyed and appreciated the interactivity and enriching class discussions.”
 Ildiko Joo-Clybouw

Ildiko Joo-Clybouw, Microsoft
Retail Sales & Marketing Director Belux

“I can highly recommend this extensive programme to everyone who works (or wants to work) in marketing or strategy. Provides a good understanding of the building blocks, and supplies you with vibrant examples from the ever-changing digital world. This programme is useful for a high-level understanding and overview, as well as for digital marketers and analysts who want to go in-depth. Prof Steve Muylle jumps from detailed analytical methods to strategic models – following the participants’ needs and interests, while maintaining a great flow of gradually understanding and evaluating digital strategy.”
 Jeroen Van Ham

Jeroen Van Ham, ICsense
Sales & Marketing Manager

“The last 10 years, we all witnessed how digital media took a key role in B2C business. Gradually also B2B started to see the relevance and today it is clear that companies must define a digital plan to succeed. The 3-day program gave me a framework to understand the main aspects of a top-down digital strategy. It helped me gain the necessary insights to tackle the digital challenges in our company. The course gave a good overview of current best practices and contained an outlook to future digital trends.”
 Manja Costermans

 Manja Costermans, Wacom Europe
 Head of e-marketing

“After managing several projects in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce, I felt a strong need to be able to place the things that I did in a more strategic framework. In just 3 days, Steve Muylle taught me how I can formulate a sound digital strategy for my organisation. One that offers added value to the primary strategy – and not one that simply responds to the latest digital hype. The programme contributes to the way in which I conduct digital marketing and e-commerce in my organisation.”

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