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The 'Advanced Management Programme' consists of 5 core modules of 3 days each, plus a 2-day integration module.

The 5 core modules have been designed to give you solid expertise in strategy and strategic leadership. They also stimulate interaction and idea-sharing with fellow participants, forming the foundations of a network for life. After the 5 core modules, you will anchor all aspects that have been covered during the programme by applying your newly acquired insights to a strategic business challenge for your organisation. During the final module, we will integrate the insights from the strategic and leadership tracks and provide a sounding board session on the strategic business projects.

The Advanced Management Programme has 2 important learning objectives: 1. Developing your strategic understanding and 2. Enhancing your leadership role within the company.

The Strategic track makes you familiar with the key models and concepts in strategic thinking. We provide you with a clear overview of useful frameworks on various levels. The challenge for the participants is to translate their strategic insights to their company’s focal points and to formulate and implement their own winning corporate or business strategy. You will consolidate the learning points through a strategic business challenge. A thorough analysis of your company’s strategy, an action plan for improvement and the implementation of some of the frameworks are part of this strategic project.

The Leadership track sharpens your leadership role by providing you with toolboxes and the self-insight necessary to leverage all your potential. The golden thread running through the different leadership modules is a 360° feedback process that supports you in reflecting on your leadership development needs. Peer coaching will give you an external sounding board complementing your internal insights. You will be challenged to develop a personal development plan to integrate your leadership insights and to put these into practice.

The final module - the Integration track - gives you the opportunity to integrate all of the insights from the strategic and leadership tracks. During this module, you will also present the findings of your strategic business challenge to a group of peers and faculty, and you will receive valuable insights for taking your company to the next level.

You can find a more elaborate description of the different modules and topics in our online brochure.

Our approach

Vlerick connects theory to practice, and back again. Theoretical concepts and insights turn tangible through practical examples, cases, simulations, peer discussions and exercises. In addition to the faculty’s sharing of knowledge and experience, interaction and exchange amongst participants is a key element in the learning process.

The distinguishing factor for this programme is the reflection on your leadership role through a 360° feedback process and the strategic business challenge. This strategic challenge is worked on during the course of the programme and addresses a specific strategic challenge your company is facing.

The Advanced Management Programme intends to facilitate networking amongst participants both during and after the programme. The residential format includes evening activities of a professional and social nature that foster exchange and bonding.

A learning experience like no other

When you come to Vlerick, you step away from your usual routine and gain a wider perspective. You discover how to tackle challenges, turn your knowledge into action and apply your skills in your workplace. You learn from faculty who are experts in their fields – and from a diverse group of peers. All these things help you become a confident, skilled professional, ready to succeed in business – and in life.

Vlerick Learning Experience

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