Bert Lamote

Bert Lamote, Zoutman

“I found the Advanced Management Programme (AMP) to be very enriching and inspiring − with exactly the content I was looking for at this stage of my career. I learned to take a broader critical view of strategic issues and, above all, to dare to make well-considered choices. The most beneficial part of the programme for me was the substantive interaction with the diverse group of senior managers − a real sounding board! The peer group was very valuable, as we had the chance, within a small team, to go deeper into each other’s challenges and problems and learn from best practices. A strong team of instructors and very pleasant campuses provided the perfect environment. The AMP is a must for everyone who is facing strategic challenges or who wants to become a stronger leader!“


Raf Ramaekers, BNP Paribas Fortis
Country Manager

“The Advanced Management Programme had all the ingredients that I expect to find in senior management education. It was a good mix of placing self-acquired strategic insights into new (or existing) conceptual frameworks, analysing (less) successful business cases, and conducting enriching discussions with fellow executives from other industries and cultures. Thanks to the synergistic combination of theoretical deepening and stimulating interaction with colleagues – often from a totally different perspective – my strategic approach has received the broadening I was looking for.“

Dirk De Baets

Dirk De Baets, Vitamex
General Director

"The Advanced Management Programme gave me a deeper understanding of the areas that I want to develop in. this way I can contribute more to reaching our ambitious goals. The smart combination of modules on personal development, leadership and strategy, the camaraderie and sparring among the participants and the close interaction with our professors made it a unique and valuable experience." 

Jean-Marie Poppe

Jean-Marie Poppe, Altachem
Managing Director

"The Advanced Management Programme is the ideal way to refresh and update the managerial and leadership skills one needs to be successful in today’s highly competitive world. An ideal way to reach for excellence!"

Günther Bruyland

Günther Bruyland, Brady Corporation
Sales Director Brady EMEA

"One of the best programmes I have ever followed! Interesting topics and great insights into strategic thinking." 

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