Jacob Bossaer, Bosaq

Kaat Torfs, VIA Don Bosco
Coordinator International Operation

Saskia Lambrechts, Engie Electrabel
Business Innovation Developer

Bjorn Willems, Enfocus
Director of Product Management

David Leyssens, The Shift

Lees David zijn verhaal

Bert Sercu, Durabilis
Chief Sustainability Officer

Lees Bert zijn verhaal

 Thomas De Meûter Thomas De Meûter, D’Ieteren Audi Import
PR Manager

“On the one hand, the Young Management Programme was helpful in developing a more accurate self-perception, while on the other hand it helped me explore various aspects of the world of business. These twin discoveries have given me a firmer footing to take my career forward.”
 Stijn Waerniers Stijn Waerniers, Cisco SPTVG
Manager Product Support Engineering

“The Young Management Programme is a highly interactive programme that is sometimes very confrontational. Many of the practical exercises will always stay with me. You very often learn a lot about yourself and thus gain better insight into your own abilities, strengths and weaknesses and become more aware. In addition, the knowledge-focused sessions, the integration game and the business plan give you an idea about how the various areas of management interact with one another within an organisational structure.”
Sarah De Smet

Sarah De Smet, Oxfam Fairtrade
Product Manager

“Some elements of this programme met my expectations, others exceeded my expectations, and very few scored below my expectations. But I must say I expect a lot – I need to be challenged, and I am very eager to learn and excel. If this is what you are looking for, the Vlerick programme is the right step to take. A crucial aspect for me was the personal development. A mirror is held in front of you – and if you are really willing to look at it, this programme changes the way you manage, the way you lead, the way you act as a professional.”

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