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At Vlerick Business School, we want to inspire you with the expertise of our faculty and the experience of your peers. Moreover, we challenge and support you to make the difference for your organisation and your own leadership journey.


Your learning journey will take a variety of shapes, and the more ownership you take the more you and your fellow participants will get out of it. Active face-to-face sessions in our learning labs are combined with opportunities to work together and apply what you have learned in our campus break-out rooms, and online as well. Webinars, simulations, role plays, assignments … all help deepen your learning. Plus, in our long-term programmes a company project to resolve a concrete business challenge gives your organisation a tangible, immediate ROI and reinforces your impact. Our ‘Design Guide of the Vlerick Learning Journeys’ and ‘Experience the Vlerick Learning Journeys’ give you an overview of active learning at Vlerick.    


NetworkingSocial learning is key − and the classroom is not the only place it happens. In addition to learning from the professor standing in front of the group, you also learn from the person sitting next to you. When following a long-term programme, you’ll connect to our online social platform − V-Talks − as soon as your learning journey starts. This enables you to share your objectives and challenges with your group and ask your fellow participants questions. Because input from others triggers your reflections, this platform allows you to learn even when you’re not in the classroom. And as a vital part of community-building, you’ll create a vibrant network that remains valuable long after your programme is over. Because learning only has impact when you translate it to your workplace, we stimulate our participants to connect before, during and after the programme. Building your personal network and sharing experiences amongst peers enhances this process. 


Digital − the new normal in business − will also strengthen your learning process. Our V-Talks platform (for long-term programmes) and the use of a tablet (for all programmes) grant you access to all of the learning materials anywhere, anytime, and enable you to go beyond note-taking: take pictures of the flipchart during a brainstorming exercise, record a video of a role play, participate in a quick poll, create a Wikipage together … and share them on the spot with your group.  

Learning as change

08 november 2016

Category: Opinions

The world of education is changing quickly. Technology makes it possible to move the learning experience out of the classroom and onto the internet. But while we are looking to find the answer to what the technological future holds for education, have we lost track of the real question? Have we become too focused on the technology, and forgotten what learning really is about? We want to actively engage participants in the process of acquiring new knowledge as part of a transformational learning journey.

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