For whom?

The programme 'Brand Management' is targeted towards:

  • You are directly or indirectly involved in brand Management
  • You are in charge of marketing communication
  • You are a Brand, Service or Marketing Manager in a (medium) large company or growing SME and aim to improve brand management
  • As a Business Unit Manager, you are in charge of strategic brand management
  • As a Retail or Category Manager in distribution, you are looking to negotiate on an equal footing with manufacturers on the added value of brands
  • You are an Account Executive or Account Director in an advertising or promotion agency
  • As a Market Researcher or Marketing Consultant you like to keep up with the current trends and effectively support your customers

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like AVEVE, Belgische Keursslagers, Boondoggle, Belnet, BKCP, Carslberg, Colruyt, Decathlon, Delta Lloyd Bank, FOD Personeel en Organisatie, Isabel, Media Mania, Oracle, Provincie Antwerpen, Samsung, Sanoma Media, Reynaers Aluminium, Rode Kruis Vlaanderen, Vitamed, Volvo.

This programme has been followed by Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Professionals in Communication, Professionals from Advertising or Media Agency’s, CEO’s from SME’s,…

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