Andy Van den Berghe

Andy Van den Berghe, Swatch Group

Brand Manager Benelux

"At the rate that new market trends appear – with the challenges that they pose to marketing and communication – it’s really necessary to be well-prepared. Vlerick’s Brand Management and Communication programme offers a broad vision and guides you in tackling current obstacles and anticipating new pitfalls − today’s theory can be perfectly put into practice tomorrow. Moreover, the programme inspires and motivates you to take your brand to the next level."

Katlijn Voordeckers

Katlijn Voordeckers, Opmerkelijk

Business Manager, Business Consultant & Coach

"I followed Vlerick’s Brand Management & Communication programme. As an entrepreneur with a background and extensive experience in marketing, I was looking for a very high-level programme that could challenge me to grow even further in this field. The Vlerick programme more than met my expectations! From the very first day, I knew I was in the right place for optimising my knowledge. The programme’s pragmatic approach – delivered by enthusiastic professors with tons of hands-on experience – gave me fascinating and practical input regarding marketing in today’s experience economy in which digitalisation is playing an ever-larger role. The advice provided in advance, the interaction possibilities, and the quality that was aspired to – all of these elements make this programme a must for everyone who wants to invest in his/her growth."


Celine Claeys, Pégase     

Commercial Business Manager

"I joined Vlerick’s Brand Management programme when my organisation was about to acquire a new business. I knew I needed to understand the theory behind branding – and develop the skills to put it into practice.

The programme was very hands-on. It covered both B2B and B2C approaches – and there were opportunities to apply academic insights to your own challenges and get feedback and advice from tutors.

By taking time away from my daily role, I was able to reflect on our brand and commercial path. We’ve now developed a new brand story for the Pegase brand and a brand vision for our new acquisition. The programme really inspired me to take our brand management to the next level – I’d definitely recommend it!"


Ann Willems, Bond Beter Leefmilieu

Coordinator communication & marketing

"I manage the Communication and Marketing department at Bond Beter Leefmilieu, the network organisation for sustainable Flanders. As an NGO, we need to find allies who want to change the world with us. I enrolled in the Brand Management programme because I was looking for inspiration from marketing experts on how to brand BBL, not only as a sustainable NGO, but also as a business partner for the future. The programme has inspired me in many ways: it gave me insight into very useful new marketing theories and strategies and (something I didn't expect when I enrolled) it boosted my creativity by giving us a behind-the-scenes look at successful campaigns.

The programme boosted my confidence too – because it gave me a framework and tools for developing future campaigns with more efficiency, creativity and audacity. As a result, my plans for the future are much more creative! Now, my outlook on the future is injected with a serious dose of ‘goesting’ (desire or passion for something): goesting to continue building, goesting to continue inspiring, goesting to continue changing…

I would absolutely recommend this programme. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or newer to the field, the programme pushes you to reflect on your marketing efforts and inspires you to turn very diverse marketing theories into very creative campaigns.”

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