Conny Linthout

Conny Linthout, Sales Manager at Team Industries

“Both my in-company project and my day-to-day activities since graduating the programme have benefited from new methodologies in market analysis and strategy building. The programme has taught me how to look at things from a multiplicity of perspectives and how to come to conclusions more methodically and build strategies based on deep analysis. This is a completely new kind of thinking for me.”

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Luca Buttarelli

Luca Buttarelli, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Terumo BCT

“What did I learn at Vlerick? How to analyse a Customer Life Cycle in detail, and how you can select specific needs and assign relevance to them. This has proved incredibly useful in practice. Along the way, I also gained a very good understanding of how crucial it is to focus on the right target segment.”

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An Brouns

An Brouns, Manager Marketing & Sales at Vlaams Energie Bedrijf (VEB)

“My CEO advised me to enrol at Vlerick. He was participating in a programme here himself. What did I take back to him and to our company? I now have a context in which to further develop our marketing strategy. And I have learned that the key thing for us to do is to keep on working on our long-term plan. That advice has proved hugely valuable to me.”

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Mike Vervoort

Mike Vervoort, Area Sales Manager Western Europe and Nordics at BEA Europe

“This was the first time I’ve actually been able to take something from an academic programme and apply it practically to my job. During lessons, I was already thinking: right, I can use that concept. We can implement that idea. Or that’s the direction we need to go in. Sometimes I did think: that model is useless for our company. Until other participants explained to me how they’d used it in their organisations. Then I thought: what a fantastic idea! ”

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 Koen Maes Alexander Janssens, Damovo Group
Head of Group Cloud Propositions

“I had one year to launch the cloud offering group-wide, with one unifying positioning story. There was a lot of work – but Vlerick helped me to develop the strategy and all its sub-elements. At Vlerick it’s very interactive. The network was really impressive too. You have people from all backgrounds – pharma, food, logistics, ICT and many more. In normal life, you don’t often get a chance to work with people from outside your sector, but then when you do, it broadens your horizons. The first customer for Damovo’s Aquila Cloud offering has already signed on the line. We also have other customers in the pipeline. We are very much on track to meet our annual targets. I’m doing a tour of our European offices at the minute, presenting the project to sales teams. I could not have done this without Vlerick and I can’t recommend the programme highly enough."

 Koen Maes Koen Maes, Special Fruit
Business Development Manager

“A few months ago, I was given responsibility for marketing, innovation and sustainability at Special Fruit. I looked for a marketing programme with a focus on strategic insight − and I found what I was looking for at Vlerick. Throughout the programme, I analysed our business model critically − during the classes as well as during the interactions with the other participants. I learned to really view every decision through the eyes of the consumer, or at least to consider how a consumer would react to the offer."

 Karel-Lodewyck Lefere Karel-Lodewyck Lefere , CCV Group
Strategy and Innovation CCV LAB 

“The Executive Master Class in B2B Marketing & Sales was particularly strong in content − and I really liked the dynamic approach. The network of contacts and friends that you develop makes this programme, and Vlerick, a unique experience. I recommend this programme to everyone who wants to sharpen or round out their knowledge of marketing and sales. The instructors − and certainly your fellow participants as well − challenge you to work at a higher level. The mix of theory, case studies and practice makes this Executive Master Class an absolute must!”

 Vicky Vertongen Vicky Vertongen , Elscolab
Marketing Coordinator 

“Participating in the B2B Marketing & Sales Executive Master Class was an incredible experience for me. In addition to the tons of information that we can work with for years, I have gained a group of friends for life. This programme is a must for everyone who wants to delve deeply into concrete sales and marketing aspects while building a network for life.”

 Forge Vincent

Vincent Forge, BT
Bid & Business Development Manager

“As an engineer, you may have good analytical skills, but that doesn’t make you a good salesman.” Vincent Forge was an experienced engineer. After ten years in various technical positions he felt that the time was right to move on. He wanted to get into sales, but didn’t want to venture unprepared.

Read here how alumnus Vincent Forge experienced his Executive Master Class learning journey!


Pascal De Ridder, SD Worx
Sales Manager Aspex

"The content and approach of the ‘Executive Master Class B2B Marketing & Sales’ were both very good: a mix of theory (delivered by top-quality professors) and practical cases (presented by fascinating guest speakers) inspire you to deepen and broaden your knowledge. The intensive programme taught me how to handle daily professional challenges such as: selling services profitably; detecting customer needs (both articulated and non-articulated); creating value; serving multiple customer segments with the same product; and more. What will certainly stay with me – and what I've found it very enriching – is that experiences and ideas were shared easily and openly in our group."


Thibaud De Keyzer, SAP
Innovations Sales Executive

"As a sales executive, you focus constantly on the current and (if you’re lucky) the coming quarter. What deal is coming in, when and how much? We take too little time to ask deeper questions like: How do my customers view our company? Who is my next competitor? How far can I go with business model innovation? The enthusiasm of Prof Marion Debruyne, Prof Deva Rangarajan and Prof Steve Muylle, supplemented by a series of experienced experts, led us towards new insights. Topical success stories and crystal clear content quickly boosted our knowledge. Then you apply the newly gained knowledge to your own company project, which immediately demonstrates the programme’s ROI. The new friendships also continue to pay off long after the programme is over."


Nicolas Maes, Zenito Sociaal Verzekeringsfonds
Directeur Sales & Marketing

"Our market is systematically susceptible to change (new channels, the importance of e-commerce, our competitors, changing legislation, ...). Our organisation not only wants to survive in this environment, but we want to play a key role. After all, every change contains opportunities. For those who also prefer this option, this Executive Master Class is a must. During this learning experience, you are led from theory to practice in a professional way. Enthusiastic professors discuss a variety of strategic models in an inspiring manner, systematically throwing light on reality. Business cases are analysed, guest speakers explain their strategic approach, and fellow participants share their own experiences. In addition, the in-company project ensures that you also systematically establish a link with your own organisation and its challenges. For me, this was the ideal mix of theory and practice, in which I not only gained many new insights but also lots of new ideas."


Patrick Van Baelen, Xeikon International BV
Vice President WW Marketing

"We marketers are crazy about acronyms, matrixes and multiple Ps and Cs – which, for a fee, are skillfully served to us by prominent experts. But the coherence, the structure, the points of view, the fact that you can tailor the content of the Executive Master Class via the electives – that’s what it was all about for me personally. That you take a preferably tangible in-company project and break it open, scramble to find a solution, test, develop and evaluate it with your fellow students, under the guidance of one of the Vlerick professors, is invaluable. Then, at the end, you still have a steppingstone for subsequent projects, and you’ve added an interesting group of people to your community – then your mission is accomplished."

Lode Vande Vyvere

Lode Vande Vyvere, New Holland Benelux
Marketing Manager

"The Executive Master Class taught me to respond differently to competitor campaigns. Today’s successful marketing actions are surpassed tomorrow. 'Be a continuously moving target', 'Dare to be different', 'Translate your features into benefits' and 'Be a market-driven organisation' became our daily focus at New Holland! In addition to the teaching staff’s knowledge, the shared experiences and the entrepreneurial spirit of my fellow-participants were very valuable."

Inge Govaerts

Inge Govaerts, Barco
Corporate Public Relations Manager

"The balanced mix of ex-cathedra classes combined with business cases was a key factor in helping me arrive at new insights. Moreover, the interaction with my fellow participants and their experiences gave me different viewing angles for approaching certain issues. It also enlarged my personal network and provided me with extra benchmarks. The fact that this programme lasts four consecutive days and is off-site, away from daily business, makes it a very in-depth training and makes you focus on the ‘learning’ aspect."

Chris Vleeschouwers

Chris Vleeschouwers, Intrion NV
Director Sales & Marketing

"Having followed the first two modules, I’ve learned a lot about developing a winning value proposition, positioning our company in the market, and dealing with channels.
The practical follow-up through our in-house project is very helpful – we discuss everything with our Vlerick promoter and put theory into practice. I'm looking forward to the next two modules with very positive feelings!"

Stijn Temmerman

Stijn Temmerman, Polet Quality Products
Sales Manager

"The Executive Master Class in B2B Marketing and Sales provides a thirst-quenching cocktail with 5 ingredients:

  • The sharing of experiences and ideas among the participants during the programme
  • The programme’s content, which delivers a wider vision on how to deal with real-life challenges; the e-business topic, in particular, is a highly relevant subject for the near future
  • The opportunity to get away from daily business matters and view your market situation from a higher perspective
  • The in-company project is a stimulating and effective tool for applying the insights you’ve gained to your own company
  • And last but not least: the special atmosphere among the participants makes this cocktail unique and very satisfying!"

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