Agenda for the Vlerick Sales Conference

Customer Value Creation: Salesperson as a Knowledge Broker

9.00am – 10.30am: Customer value co-creation

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Regis Lemmens, Antwerp Management School and at Cranfield University (UK)
Most organizations are struggling to cope with the increasing rate of competition. Their margins are decreasing. Their customers are no longer loyal and they are shopping to find the best price. Traditional sales tactics are no longer working and will be completely out by 2020. Are you ready to face the future?
During this presentation the participants will be asked to reflect on the past trends in their own organization and how it has created the sales force that exists today. Using a series of cases the participants will look at the future trends that are affecting their markets and customers. The aim of this presentation consists of creating awareness of the current and future trends in sales and to who how other organization are dealing which their trends.

10.30am-11am: Break

11.00am -12.30pm: Sales as a value coach

Speaker: Marc Abels, Deloitte:
In today’s environment where all product information is readily available online, where buyers are supposedly 67% through the buying process and where sales orders are automated,
How can you as a Sales Person still make the difference with your customers?
Is it through social selling, pro-active selling (targeting customers before they are a lead) or maybe insights selling ? Many trends have been arising in the Sales area to keep the role of the Sales person relevant and valuable to the customer.
At Monitor, we believe the key success factor for Sales is becoming a true “value coach” to your customers.
Sales needs to help their customers express the value of buying their products and services, because if Sales is not able to do this, how can you expect the customer to do this?

12.00m – 12.30pm: Tools to help salespeople be more productive

Speaker : Jurgen Heyman, Salesflare
For decades companies have poured in serious amounts of funds in the training and development of their salesforces. Yet they did not have any way to measure whether that money was well spent.
Pretty much as with marketing where you do not know which 50% of your budget is wasted, these development efforts are a demonstration of a “spray and pray” approach.
Going forward there is the possibility to organize the development of sales team capabilities with a rigourous approach to determining the performance gaps need to be addressed, how to develop those just in time and also measure the results of your efforts. All this by means of a just in time, platform based training approach. “Training as a Service”

12.30pm – 1.30pm: Lunch

1.30pm – 3pm: Influencing the internal stakeholders

Speaker: Prof. Barney Jordaan, Vlerick Business School 
Often we go into negotiation situations (with internal or external parties) unprepared, inflexibly and without due regard to the needs, fears and motivations of the persons we try to persuade. Having a good idea, product or service is not enough to provide us with the power to persuade others: how much leverage (or persuasive power) we have depends on the extent to which the other person values the resources we control. In this session we’ll explore, in an interactive manner, what works in trying to persuade others and what does not. Break

3.30pm-5pm: Salespeople as Knowledge brokers

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Bryan Hochstein, University of Alabama & Prof. Dr. Deva Rangarajan, Vlerick Business School
Change in the power that customers possess during sales interactions is impacting the way that we sell. This session will provide a better understanding of where customer power comes from, with a specific emphasis on information driven empowerment. Topics of discussion focus on roadblocks that salespeople face based on how customers process (or choose not to process) salesperson provided information, and effective strategies for salespeople to overcome these roadblocks.

5pm-6pm: Reception

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