Detailed Programme

The programme ‘Excellence in Supply Chain Management’ comprises 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Strategy and planning for an effective supply chain
    • Strategy & supply chain management – Balance between service, cash and cost
    • Understanding supply chain dynamics (bullwhip effect)
    • Knowing your own supply chain by creating a supply chain map
    • Inventory management in a supply chain – internal as well as multi-echelon
    • Using demand management to create a competitive advantage
    • Integrated supply chain planning
  • Module 2: Managing a global Supply Chain
    • Creating a network design for
      • SOURCE network: trade-off between cost <> responsiveness
      • MAKE network: framework to determine your production network (local <> global, process <> product, role of your production plant)
      • DELIVER network: develop a strategy for your distribution
    • The role of customs in a global supply chain
    • The role of logistics in a global supply chain
      • Collaborative logistics
      • Multi-modal transport (road <>rail)
      • Maritime evolutions including insights into the operations of the (European) harbours
  • Module 3: Managing cross-functional Supply Chains
    • Marketing & Sales
      • Pricing & revenue management
      • From Sales & Operations Planning towards Integrated Business Planning (S&OP > IBP)
    • Procurement
      • Total cost of ownership
      • Insights into the operations of procurement
    • Supply Chain Finance
      • Supply chain costs and financial performances
  • Module 4: Managing Agile and Sustainable Supply Chains
    • Understanding the complexity of (technological) risks of a global supply chain
    • Supply chain sustainability and resilience

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    Ann Vereecke
    Prof Ann Vereecke Vereecke is programme director of 'Excellence in Supply Chain Management'

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