Veroniek De Mulder, ODTH First Class Logisitics

"The Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management leverages the theoretical expertise of Vlerick faculty and their practical experience and understanding, and enriches this with input from a lot of guest speakers. There’s also a combination of shared purpose and real diversity within the cohort itself which makes for rich discussion. The programme was of great value to me, and I found the insights into the digitisation of the supply chain to be particularly eye-opening."
Isabelle Vandamme Isabelle Vandamme, Etex
Group Supply Chain Procurement Director

"The programme gives you the big picture in supply chain management and how it connects to every other aspect of your business, from planning to marketing strategies through to customer satisfaction. I found the classroom dynamics discussing real-life case studies particularly enriching, sharing experience and practical examples and approaches with my colleagues. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this programme to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge, their understanding and their business network."
Rik Poppe Rik Poppe, ExxonMobil Chemical
Supply Chain Manager

"The Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management has been extremely valuable. In my view, the biggest differentiator - compared with other courses I have attended - is the top-faculty: an excellent mix of Vlerick and visiting professors, with testimonials by experienced business people and consultants. This programme allowed me to strengthen my theoretical supply chain management knowledge and to translate it into actionable initiatives, in line with the increased focus of supply chain within ExxonMobil Chemical."
Kevin Overdulve Kevin Overdulve, Deloitte Consulting
Manager Supply Chain Strategy

"I experienced the Executive Master Class as a refreshing way of educating professionals about the value supply chain management can bring to a company. The quality of the sessions was top notch throughout the entire journey, blending theoretical concepts with practical examples and exciting business games. Instead of receiving an information overload, we deep dived into the details of topics that matter, approaching each question with a critical mind-set. This course has enabled me to provide more profound advice to my clients taking into consideration all dimensions of the supply chain spectrum."
 Chris Croonenborghs

Chris Croonenborghs, NMBS
Supply Chain Coordinator

“This Executive Master Class was the perfect combination of theoretical models and practical examples. It provided me with a lot of knowledge and tools. Vlerick’s faculty are open for discussions on business challenges that I face in my specific context. Additionally, the interaction with participants from different industries challenged me to rethink processes and to keep focusing on practical applicability.”

 Peter De Winne

Peter De Winne, W.H. Brady
Regional Supply Chain Manager

“Thanks to this Executive Master Class, I have enhanced my in-depth understanding of all aspects of Supply Chain Management. The programme brought me up to date on the latest evolutions and trends in my professional environment. Vlerick’s professors and my fellow participants functioned as a sounding board with whom I could discuss and evaluate supply chain challenges.”

 Dominique Kelder

Dominique Kelder, Northgate Information Solutions
Head of Procurement (Europe, Asia, Pacific, Middle East and Africa)

"Vlerick’s Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management has provided me with a strong balance between theory and practical application. Following the completion of the programme over a 12-month period, I have translated what I have learned into an actual initiative for my company – NorthgateArinso, a leading global Human Resources software and services provider. This in-company project represents a real return on investment for my company. The main benefits of the project can be measured through real cost savings related to an automated and dynamic vendor management approach. This Executive Master Class improved my ability to re-organise processes in place while keeping a long-term strategy in mind. It’s a real asset in my career."

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