Why this programme?

What is the added value of following the 'Executive Master Class in Supply Chain Management'?

  • Tackle a concrete, strategic challenge within your company as part of an in-company project
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge and practice-based insights in Supply Chain Management
  • Discuss best practices in Supply Chain with seasoned colleagues from various industries
  • Analyse strategic tools to be used in the competitive landscape
  • Evaluate the current position of your company compared to your future challenges

Examples of projects of the previous editions

  • Structuring the Global Supply Chain – Responsiveness Optimization
  • Sourcing and Distribution Strategy of Department x
  • Improving forecasting and redefining the DC’s and warehouse’s safety stocks level
  • VMI & seasonal business
  • Network Design
  • Assessment, re-design, and implementation of an S&OP process
  • Introduction Commodity Management
  • Improve the logistics cockpit of Department x
  • Reduce the Supply Chain Risk of Asian Trading by defining the TO BE procurement strategy
  • Optimizing warehouse operations through the use of a warehouse management system
  • The S&OP process in a retail environment: Practical case on a winery production site
  • Analysis of the Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) model
  • Development of a Business Centric Supply Chain Strategy for Refinish EMEA
  • Creation of a Smart Warehouse
  • Scenario planning of a product transfer in the light of the planned closing of a manufacturing site
  • European Supply Chain Optimization
  • Formalising stock management
  • Supply chain strategy blue print: pigments
  • Optimizing purchasing through TCO
  • Supply Chain of B2B platform with drop shipments
  • Improving business working capital to an optimum number by implementing a more scientific approach to stock levels determination

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