Patrick Torrekens Chris Derboven, Stedelijk Lyceum Zuid



"In my position as a quality manager in education, I find that, even in our sector, we lose an awful lot of opportunities, time and money. Management and teachers (and unions) have almost always learned to take a position in a negotiation. Then, we try to win on the basis of arguments. But it just doesn’t work. And moreover, the higher the level at which the negotiation is carried out, the less arguments from the classroom and the school are heard − even though that’s where the teaching takes place.

Thanks to Prof Katia Tieleman’s highly interactive programme, I’ve learned to do my homework beforehand in the school hallways − so that I can understand the interests of all parties involved before the crucial meeting begins. This approach makes an extraordinary difference: it allows you to create value for the stakeholders, instead of ending up in a win/lose or even lose/lose situation.

I particularly appreciate the fact that Prof Tieleman has developed a scientifically grounded Negotiation Intelligence scan. After the programme, we’ve used this tool to gain insight into our own strengths and challenges to become even better negotiators."

 Patrick Torrekens

Patrick Torrekens, Enterprise Ireland
International Market Adviser

"Conflict brings richer insight that leads to great opportunity”. Imagine looking at your next negotiation round with this wisdom in mind ! Before joining the “Negotiation to create value” course, I tended to look at conflict as a battle to be won at any price. Throughout the course it became very apparent that negotiation is a joint problem solving process where value lies at both ends of the table; where short-term opportunism can ruin longer-term opportunity. This course took me through all dimensions of negotiation : the People aspect, the problem approach and the process. It provided a framework that now feels like a safe haven whenever a new business or personal issue pops up. Finally, the course introduced me to the art of Mediation: a profession that merits a more prominent role in business and society. Highly recommended!"

 Gergana Gueorguieva

Gergana Gueoguieva, Ageas
Ageas Group IT

"There are certain encounters in life that leave a permanent mark, a vivid reminder of a life-transforming experience. Nothing had prepared me to expect that the “Negotiating to create value” training would be so essential. One week after the training, I found myself celebrating the successful closure of a deal with eyes fully open for the negotiation strategies, perceptions, power-play and tactics available for a win-win value creation use to both negotiating parties. Stimulated by the variety of personal styles and vast experience within the group, learning through theory, practical examples and case-study practice, two extraordinary professors have led us step into the art of negotiations. I have left the class-room feeling inspired, empowered and equipped with life-long essential negotiations skills, only to be further sharpened through real life personal and professional experience."

 Karin De Schepper

Karin De Schepper, Inland Navigation Europe

"This 5 days course puts elements, which you may perhaps already instinctively know, together into a positive and effective methodology to reach out to other people and to jointly explore solutions beyond the horizon. With this toolbox, negotiation becomes a truly synergistic game both in daily life and high-level business or policy environments. An unforgettable and deeply rewarding experience in emotional intelligence. This course should form part of each training curriculum, it is an empowering source of social innovation which can be put to practice as of day one!"

Filip Bellinck

Filip Bellinck, Cappelle Pigments
Cappelle Pigments

"Since I followed the training ‘Negotiation to create value’, a quotation made by Oscar Niemeyer came back into my mind at several occasions: “When one looks up into the skies one will see that we are all small. He who thinks the world of himself is a donkey.” Indeed all too often our ego with its assumptions and ambitions is the biggest hurdle to overcome on the path to a successful negotiation. In a surprisingly refreshing manner the lecturers Prof. Dr. Tieleman and Prof. Dr. Venter gave me more insight in the human interactions that take place during negotiations and in their consequences as a result of it. With the support of case studies they handed over a framework and toolbox that enable me to encounter the opponent with an open mind, with the ambition to understand him and finally by doing so to obtain far better solutions for both me and the other party involved. I face future negotiations with more confidence than ever as I know now that the secret lies in enhanced value for all!"

Ann Lambrechts

Ann Lambrechts, Boehringer Ingelheim
Purchasing Manager

"This training course has made me aware of the interests, positions, concerns, emotions and conflicts that are present during negotiations – or in the broader context – during communication. What is more, I have learned how I can anticipate them and convert them into a clear negotiation strategy. Through the interaction in the case studies and testing in real situations, introduced in a really exciting way by the Vlerick faculty, I gained insight into the different negotiation situations. I feel more driven than ever to negotiate successfully!"
Cindy De Bleu

Cindy De Bleu, HR Manager
Capespan Continent N.V.

"In 5 days, you learn the basic skills of negotiation, the do’s and don’ts, the pitfalls, how to handle both spoken and unspoken messages, and how to take your own personality and that of others into account. Theory is alternated with lots of practice and presented by 2 expert professors, each with his own distinctive style and personality. I certainly recommend this programme to everyone who wants to acquire, review or polish their negotiation skills!"

Boling Huang

Boling Huang, Sales Manager Asia
Cappelle Pigments NV

"This 5-day course of ‘Negotiation to Create Value’ has provided me deep understanding about how to identify negotiation stakeholders’ interest, positions, assumptions, benefits thus to formulate proper negotiation strategies and tactics based on different negotiation scenarios. More impressively, with vivid case studies and the two professors’ hands-on experience sharing, participants gain essential answers about how to implement value-created negotiations and to negotiate in multi-cultural & multi-lateral backgrounds. All in all, this is a very worthy investment to improve negotiation skills!"

Griet Trekels

Griet Trekels, Project Developer
Wilma Project Development

"In my job, I’m often sitting between hammer and anvil, and this programme has taught me that all parties can successfully negotiate and feel good about the outcome. Letting go of preconceptions in order to create added value for everyone involved is a technique that’s advisable in many situations, both professional and personal. David and Katia – the facilitator team − make this course an unforgettable experience!"

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