Why this programme?

What is the added value of following the programme 'Negotiating to Create Value'

  • Design and secure optimum deals from preparation to implementation
  • Conquer stress and handle negotiations efficiently
  • Better understand how you behave during negotiations
  • Plan and successfully conduct negotiations with two or more parties
  • Achieve win-win results and create value
  • Learn to deal with emotions, assumptions and communication techniques during negotiations

    Added value for you and your company:

  • Optimise your mindset and change your beliefs about negotiation to be able to achieve better
    results and develop sustainable relations with the counterparties
  • Diagnose your own negotiation style and become flexible in using different negotiation methods in different situations.
  • Practical tips on preparation and direct application of the newly gained knowledge in a safe learning environment will boost your confidence when going into future negotiations
  • Benefit from the academic and business experience of our negotiation experts
  • Build a valuable network and be inspired by peers

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