7 Tips For Becoming a Great People Manager

7 tips to become a great people manager

Professor Koen Dewittinck shares 7 tips for becoming a great people manager:

1. Pay to motivate not to bind.

Research shows that people seldom leave because of pay. The bad news: they often leave because of their boss!

2. Know the difference between 'urgent' and 'important'.

A lot of people confuse urgency and importance. Understanding the difference between an urgent task and an important task can have a huge impact on quality and productivity. Educate your executive brain!

3. Involve your people in your decisions.

Your people feel appreciated when you involve them in your decision-making process. Moreover, you create support for the final outcome – so the decision is accepted more easily.

4. Give meaning to people’s jobs.

The task itself is the key to employee motivation. A challenging job enhances motivation. A boring and monotonous job stifles the motivation to perform well.

5. Care sincerely about your people.

Small gestures often make a big difference. Managers that offer some flexibility in schedules are greatly appreciated.

6. Be clear about rules.

When people are confused about the rules, they are displeased or encounter stress with their job.

7. Walk the talk.

Don’t say one thing and do another.

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