Thibaud De Keyzer

Thibaud De Keyzer, SAP Belgium
Sales Executive

“The program taught me how professional relationships (should) work and evolve under well-balanced people management. Key goal is to grow people and managing this growth is essential to retain the best talent inside the company. Through different viewpoints, use cases and hands-on exercises we got to grips quickly with the most important asset of a company: its people.”

Tom Vankemmel

Tom Vankemmel, Make Meaning
Entrepreneur & Founder

“A highly interesting and informative experience in the field of coaching! In addition to the theoretical aspects that were presented, the practical aspects, in particular, continue to resonate: How can I
apply this to my day-to-day work? I learned an exceptional amount – not only through the expertise and enthusiasm of the various speakers, but from the diverse group of fellow participants as well. It’s contagious, and it gives me even more desire to pass on the right things to the people I work with. My personal mission fits perfectly with this programme: “Get people moving” – both literally and

Mazrul Ali Mazrul Ali, Volvo IT
Manager Storage Services

“Today employees are more globally aware and have higher expectations. Vlerick brings modern people management approaches together in a highly focused programme. It looks at how to deal with unique situations and long-term people development challenges, as well as applying people management tools day-to-day. Having worked with people from many backgrounds and cultures, I welcomed the insights into behavioural patterns, career development, engagement and motivational forces to name a few. I’ve gained the confidence I need to meet the complex demands of leading people and building career perspectives. I would certainly recommend this course to managers, but also to all those having to deal with people in any modern organisation.”

Kenny Masschelein 

Kenny Masschelein, VYNCKE
Project Engineering & Product Development Manager

"Following ‘The People Manager’ programme was a joy from beginning to end. The faculty helped me to get insights into motivating and coaching employees through cases and exercises that felt real and were rooted in academic knowledge. The programme also works well for those working in international settings, like in my case managing engineering departments in Belgium, the Czech Republic and China. Along the way, nice bonuses (like interpretations) would pop up – and now they re-surface long after the programme. People management is the key to success to move people forward in an attractive way and from a long-term vision."

Els Trio 

Els Trio, Derbigum
Marketing Manager

“Vlerick is a unique institute because of the interaction between faculty and participants. ‘The People Manager’ programme goes much further than just learning techniques. Rather, it is concerned with the why and the how of certain situations. The other participants’ input within the group provides you with insights from other sectors. The 6 training days delivered a wealth of testimonials, tools and emotions. The training essentially taught me not to merely ‘work’ as a people manager, but above all to ‘be’ a people manager. This is indispensable when you need to handle people. After all, your team members are the key to success.”

 Kerstin Van Bulck

Kerstin Van Bulck, County Board Antwerp (Provinciebestuur Antwerpen)
HR Account Manager

"The programme 'The People Manager’ gave me much food for thought and new ideas to bring to the workplace. Within the ‘County Board Antwerp’ we think that the role of people managers is very important. The manager is key in many processes. An academic programme complemented with contemporary and captivating examples is ideal to get to know the role of a people manager from a totally different perspective. Definitely a must for managers with some experience who are willing to learn new things.”


Elke Van den Bergh, De Lijn Antwerpen
Regional Manager Antwerpen Streek 

"Through the coaching sessions, in addition to the programme, I could deepen and apply my new insights. The Vlerick coach challenged me to make a roadmap and questioned everything. I also learned to see new solutions, these where I wouldn’t have expected them, which helped me make clear progress. The Vlerick coach is independent which allows you to be honest and open. It made the coach into a valuable sounding board. Now the coaching sessions are over, I continue using the techniques. I see opportunities more quickly which definitely pays off!”

 vandenameele vincent

Vincent Vandenameele, Vormingsfonds voor Uitzendkrachten

"Admittedly, this was one of the best courses I have ever attended."

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