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Times are changing − and our way of living is changing as well. At Vlerick Business School, we’ve created a learning experience that fits perfectly into your digital lifestyle. All of the course materials are available to you anytime, anywhere, and on any device. During a programme, you bring your own tablet (or we provide you with one), which allows you to browse through the slides, take notes, even take photos or audio recordings − whatever enriches your learning experience!


Can I use my own tablet?
You can use your own tablet - just make sure you install the Canvas app as we will use this app to make the course material available for you.

Can Vlerick provide me a tablet?
In case you don't have a tablet of your own, we will provide you with a Vlerick tablet, free of charge, for the duration of your programme. The tablet can be picked up at the Vlerick reception desk upon arrival on your first day of every module.

Why can’t I just use my laptop?
We ask you to use a tablet instead of a laptop, because tablets are less distractive and create no physical barrier between the instructor and the learner. But of course, you can use your laptop outside the classroom sessions.

How long can I keep the Vlerick tablet for? 
You can use the tablet every day you are on campus and return it at the end of the programme. If you have programme with consecutive days, you can take it home overnight. You will need to return it at the end of each module and at the end of your programme. If your programme consists of several modules spread over a certain period, it is self-evident you need to return it in-between modules. 

What is Canvas? 
Canvas is a very easy to use app which can be installed on any mobile device. Canvas is a medium to distribute slides, planning documents, practical information, faculty CV’s, pre-readings. Basically, it’s a cloud platform that gives you access to all materials needed throughout your learning journey. We will provide you with your login credentials and afterwards, you will be able to access and download the materials to your PC, your tablet or your smartphone at any time.

Will Canvas work on my tablet?
To see if Canvas works on your tablet, check the website here. If you follow this link, you can access your programme, open the files and download all the files one by one. Should you encounter problems, please contact our Service Desk.

How can I access the course materials?
All materials will be published on Canvas before the start of each session. You can access the materials online via the web link. On a tablet, you can also access the materials using the Canvas app, available for both Android and iOS devices. If you rent a tablet from us, the app is pre-installed.

How do we get the slides onto the device?
When using the Canvas app, you can immediately view all slides and documents needed during class.

Can I use my tablet to take notes?
Any note taking app will allow you to take notes on the slides which you can export from Canvas to your note taking app. In such apps, you can even add a picture of a flip chart or a voice recording. These are not just nice features, but good tools to make sure you can extensively document your learning journey and share your material with any online cloud service or via e-mail. We recommend Notability as a note taking app for tablets. It lets you combine handwritten and typed notes. You can also write on existing documents – like slides – and insert blank pages into documents.

Can I use my Vlerick tablet to send emails?
We’ve installed a generic email account on the tablet so you can forward information to your own email account. But the mailbox is emptied overnight – so you should only use it to forward information, not receive replies. You can, of course, go online to access webmail.

Can I access my e-mails and Wi-Fi on the tablet?
Yes. The tablet comes with an internet connection, which is linked to the School's Wi-Fi. Regarding e-mails, it is best to use your web mailbox via an internet browser to read, send and receive e-mails.

Can I save all the documents to my computer when finishing the programme?
Yes, you can access and download all the documents used during class via After clicking on your Canvas course, click "Files" on the left-hand side and download each document one by one to your hard drive.

How long is the information available for?
The course materials from your Canvas programme will remain available for 1 year after the end date of your programme.

What if I prefer printed handouts?
You can print any materials you need from Canvas (via the web link before or after your classes.

Why don’t we use e-mail?
At Vlerick, we believe that you learn outside the classroom as well as in it. Our learning platform gives you the opportunity to ask questions and have discussions with your fellow participants and your professors. You can share feedback and ideas together, and learn from each other.

What is MyVlerick account?
You need a MyVlerick account to gain access to all of our systems (wi-fi, learning platform, …) during the programme. A few weeks before the programme starts, you will receive an e-mail that will help you activate your account. Please check your spam folder as well.
If you’ve already made an account in the past (e.g. for another programme at Vlerick), you will be able to use the same username and password. In this case, you will not receive an activation e-mail. Of course, you can recover your password if you have forgotten it.

Where can I go for help?
If you have questions before the start of your programme, you can reach out to your programme assistant. Your learning facilitator will support you during the programme.

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