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Optional but recommended run-up module: EU Electricity Network Codes

The FGMP comprises three modules, all held at different European DSO/TSO organisations.

Module 1: Shaping your environment - London

The EU Clean Energy Package simulation

What’s in these regulations? How will they affect organisations like yours – and the industry as a whole? What are the challenges? And importantly, what are the opportunities?

This business game, designed around the EU Clean Energy Package, gives you valuable insight into these wide-ranging, ambitious regulations – including the significant impact they can have on your organisation. You’ll gain an understanding of the fundamental economic, technical and policy considerations – and quickly develop strategies for finding common ground with other stakeholders.

Non-market strategy

To compete in today’s complex, uncertain world, you need to tailor your organisation’s strategy. It needs to work equally as well for your non-market environment – your organisation’s legal, political and social context – as for your market. In this session, you’ll analyse political, legal and social sources of tension and ambiguity. You’ll start to use a framework that will help you identify and address any issues that could harm your organisation’s reputation. And you’ll learn that if you handle these issues strategically, they could help you to gain a competitive edge.

Negotiation building on non-market strategy cases

When used well, influencing skills give you the ability to shape the thinking and behaviour of others – and to communicate information effectively. These skills help you build strong relationships, exert greater influence on colleagues, and present a positive image to your organisation. In this session, you’ll further refine your negotiating and influencing skills, so that you can connect even more effectively with stakeholders across the European energy landscape.

Module 2: Innovative business practices - Berlin

Business Model Innovation Bootcamp

Successful organisations don’t see a difference between customer focus and innovation. They take an outside-in perspective – using the market they operate in to create their strategy, rather than simply doing more of what they’re good at. This session is all about connecting, converting and collaborating. You’ll discover how to become an outside-in organisation by engaging with the market, addressing customer needs and entering smart partnerships. Through this hands-on and accelerated session, attendees will be coached through a series of activities to work on reflecting and designing more competitive and customer-focused business models. At the end of the day, participants will be asked to pitch their projects to a Senior Management Energy Committee.

Customer Engagement Concepts & C-level Keynote Speeches

The development of renewables, together with the digitization of the power system, have made possible a paradigm change at the European system level. The growing need for flexibility makes customers the key enablers of the energy transition: through smart networks, smart homes and new services, customers are now playing a more and more active role in the energy market, taking ownership of the way they use and consume their electricity. This shift will be the topic of discussion and reflection during this hands-on session, in which we will exchange best practices and experience.

Digital Innovation Key Concepts & C-level Keynote Speeches

Even though we live in a digital age, many people still have a vague definition of what digital means. Is it simply technology – big data, social media, the cloud and the internet of things – or does the concept of “digital” go beyond this? This session challenges you to explore what digital transformation really means. You’ll get a framework to help make transformation a success in your organisation – and you’ll take part in a face-to-face conversation with C-level keynote speakers from the energy sector.

Module 3: Organizational change and the future of energy - Rome

Cross-cultural collaboration and the Organisation Workshop (leadership simulation)

In this session, our experts will introduce you to cross-cultural collaboration and building trust by using the most recent research in the intercultural and business fields, with a focus on the international experience level and cultural mix of the group. The Organisation Workshop simulation considers leadership as part of a system – and focuses on improving the system rather than fixing people. By the end of the session, you’ll have a new appreciation of the issues experienced at all levels of an organisation.

Mergers and Acquisitions & C-level keynote speeches

Energy companies often resort to Mergers and Acquisitions to reach new levels of their business development and strategy. However, to avoid various risks and costly pitfalls in M&A management, such long-term investments and projects should be well-thought-out. This session will offer you the frameworks and language to consider all possible pros and cons of potential integration, understand a target company’s financial background and agenda, and develop awareness of relevant laws and regulations, recent trends, etc. First and foremost, you will have the opportunity to share and brainstorm on common challenges, exchange experiences and discuss high-level policies that can help turn risks into opportunities.

Future grid scenarios

For the final session, you’ll join thought leaders and executives for a round-table discussion of topics such as the impact of technology on TSO & DSO, sector coupling, and the start-up ecosystem.

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