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Plenary sessions:
Keynote: Prevention and prediction: creating health by delight (Prof Dr Koen Kas)

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Keynote: Prevention and prediction: medical ethics (Prof Dr Yvonne Denier)

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Track: Hospital solutions
Future outlook on the Belgian hospital sector (Prof Dr Carine Vande Voorde)

How to keep the AZ Damiaan ship floating on the silver waves? (Dr Kim Van Daele & Eline Maes)

Cost prediction in healthcare (Prof Dr Filip Roodhooft)

Leveraging the understanding of costs: A case about Spine (Dr Lieven Moke)

Track: MedTech solutions
Emma.health: From ‘sick-care’ to GP-facilitated health-care (Mr Jelle Van De Velde & Dr Servaas Bingé)

Fibricheck, smartphone-based cardiac rhythm measurement: How to grow internationally? (Bieke Van Gorp)

Antelope Diagnostics: Lab-on-a-chip solution predicting STDs (Mr Jan-Willem Hoste)

Cognitive future of health (Mr Joan Van Loon)

Track: Pharma solutions
Prevention and Prediction: The case of dermatology (Prof Dr Lieve Brochez)

BPredictive performance of horizon scanning for sustainable health budgets (Prof Dr Walter Van Dyck)

OArtificial intelligence in drug discovery and precision medicine (Prof Dr Yves Moreau)

Increasing the health span of human life through repurposed medicines (Dr Ann Beliën)

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