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Plenary sessions:
Keynote: Collaborate to Innovate: the Societal Prespective (Dr Maggie De Block)

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Keynote: Collaborate to Innovate: the Drug Regulator's Perspective (Prof Dr Hans-Georg Eichler)

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Track: Collaborating for Access
Personalized biotech: experiences from transplant medicine (Dr Stefaan Van Der Spiegel)

Co-creation with empowered patients in the entire drug development life cycle (Mitchell Silva)

Vlerick Research project: Horizon scanning: collaboration between society and the firm setting health priorities (Alexander Roediger)

Vlerick Research project: Industry-payer Collaboration: where are we in Europe? (Dr Ansgar Hebborn)

Track: Health Tech Convergence
Convergence in the MedTech ecosystem (Prof Dr Pascal Verdonck)

Case moveUP: challenges and opportunities in eHealth (Ward Servaes)

Artificial Intelligence-supported diagnostics solution in oncology (Dr Jan Kimpen)

Action point 19: mobile health - a first glimpse on the research results of 3 projects within cardiovascular care (Prof Dr Pieter Vandervoort)

Track: Collaborating For Better Care
Healthcare 2.0: can have, wanna have, must have? (Prof Dr Marc Noppen)

Big Data in Healthcare: Hype or Hope? (Prof Dr Frank Rademakers)

Opportunities of a trans hospital cross association between 4 different urology departments (Prof Dr K.M.L.E. van Renterghem)

Iridium Cancer Network: networking avant la lettre (Dr Piet Dirix)

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