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The 'Retail Leadership Programme' covers 3 separate modules.

MODULE I: Retail Strategy: building tomorrow’s business model

Strategy in action
Strategy is a decision-making process used to resolve the field of tension between objectives, the requirements of the environment, and available resources. You’ll explore a number of conceptual frameworks for strategic planning, as well as what it takes to implement a strategy and make it happen.

A world in transition
The customer is the starting point of the future of retail. What are the latest consumer and shopper trends? How are retailers and e-tailers responding to these trends?

Omni-Channel & new business models
The rapid growth of e-commerce is forcing bricks-and-mortar retailers to respond. What new business models are emerging? What is ‘omni-channel’, and to what extent does it require true business model innovation?

Topics covered:

  • Trends in the environment, with emphasis on the consumer & shopper
  • Strategy as a decision-making process
  • Development and implementation of strategies
  • The business model of e-commerce pure players
  • Omni-channel and its impact on the retail value chain

Module II: Serving tomorrow’s shopper

Customer-centric commerce
What does it mean to put the customer and not the store at the heart of the business? How can we redefine the path-to-purchase? What are the relevant and critical touch points? What does this mean for our marketing? How does mobile fit in?

Crafting the connected store
What is the role of the store within an omni-channel strategy? What should the future footprint look like? How can store associates add value to the buying process? Will technology change the store of the future?

Retail Safari
Watching omni-channel emerging in leading stores in the shopping capital of the world. During a retail safari, you will experience first-hand the new retail reality.

Topics covered:

  • Mapping the path-to-purchase and the relevant touch points
  • Product range, digital marketing, store design & service within an omni-channel strategy
  • Big data and the single view of the customer

MODULE III: The back-office in the digital era

Supply Chain Management
How do we organise the logistics flows in omni-channel distribution? How to manage inventories, and how to overcome the last mile in e-commerce? What are the critical success factors?

Negotiation and Collaboration: Creating a win-win with your suppliers
As a retailer, what key skills and tactics do you need to strengthen your position relative to your negotiation partners? How to move towards better results for all partners, while maintaining open and trusting relations?

Topics covered:

  • Managing tomorrow’s supply chains
  • How to improve the profitability of e-commerce logistics
  • Negotiation and collaboration skills, tools and tactics

THE UNIFYING THEME: Leadership in retail

You are becoming a leader who will make a difference in the future of your company. That’s why we devote a lot of attention to leadership throughout this programme. But instead of being presented as a separate module, leadership is interwoven as an integral part of the programme content.

Leading yourself
To get the most from your team, you first need to be able to get the most from yourself. The ‘Self-Leadership’ track gives you insight into your strengths and weaknesses as a manager and as a leader. Apart from this unique opportunity for self-development, you also gain a solid foundation in the principles of leadership.

Leading other people
The retail industry is the biggest private employer in many developed economies. Your employees can make or break your business, and its success depends on how you motivate and lead them.
But how can you lead people in a decentralised organisation? In the ‘Leading People’ track, we provide you with the tools needed to boost your employees’ performance and engagement, regardless of whether these employees are professionals or low-skilled workers.

Leading change
As the retail industry goes through a major transition, change management is one of the critical factors in making this happen successfully. What is change management? And how do you lead change?

Topics covered:

  • Key principles of management and leadership
  • Self-insight
  • Everyday inspirational leadership
  • Basic principles of motivation
  • Managing change
Executive coaching is an integral part of the programme. In each of the modules, you receive feedback on how you perform in a group, so that you can improve your skills.

The Vlerick Difference

We have a unique approach to learning, which focuses on bringing theory to life, giving you the skills and insight you need to really make a difference. Spend time on our beautiful campuses, and you become part of one of the most active business communities in Europe, learning in a way that will help you to be a more effective and productive business leader throughout your career. Learning at Vlerick really is an experience far away from traditional classroom learning. You’ll work collaboratively with your faculty and fellow participants to bring your ideas to life in a robust and practical way.

Digital − the new normal in business − will also strengthen your learning process. Our online platform ‘Showpad’ and the use of a tablet grant you access to all of the learning materials anywhere, anytime, and enable you to go beyond note-taking: take pictures of the flipchart during a brainstorming exercise, record a video of a role play, participate in a quick poll, create a Wikipage together … and share them on the spot with your group.

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