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Business success is driven by winning strategies – and the business units implementing it. But how do you know if your business unit is aligned to the strategy and pushing your organisation forward? And then how do you make it reality?

Our interactive online programme is designed to help you understand the importance of strategy:

  • Strategy Formulation: Analyse your organisation's strategy
  • Strategy Execution: Implement the right strategic activities in your BU
  • Strategic Innovation: Continuously challenge the status quo


Do you need actionable information and insights that will help you to drive your company's strategy? Do you want to gain the skills and mindset to have a strategic impact on your business? If so, this programme is for you.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Explain your organisation's strategy to the wider business
  • Identify the actions needed to be executed
  • Prioritise and plan projects that link directly to your strategy
  • Turn market insight into opportunities for strategic innovation
  • Assess different options and recommend strategic initiatives


The programme starts with a practical framework that helps you to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your company. You then reflect on how well your unit is aligned to the company's strategy - and how your own projects and actions contribute to delivering it. When you've completed the programme, you will be able to identify strategic innovations that will keep your organisation ahead of the game. 

There are 3 main building blocks in this programme: Strategy Formulation, Strategy Execution and Strategic Innovation. Every 2 weeks, 1 building block which consists of 2 parts open. There are different learning formats to help you get the most from the programme - from short videos, practical exercises and readings to peer discussions and hands-on assignments both online and offline.

The majority of the programme is completely flexible and you can follow it at your own pace. But this is also an intensive programme that requires you dedicate at least two - three hours to it each week.

After completing the journey, you get an official Vlerick certificate.


This six-week online programme is made up of different building blocks.

who would benefit?

We welcome professionals from any sector, in any role, who want to enhance their strategic knowledge. 

meet your faculty

Professor Carine Peeters
Carine Peeters

Carine Peeters, PhD, is Full Professor in Strategy at Vlerick Business School. She facilitates strategy workshops for corporate clients, and chairs the Area Entrepreneurship, Governance and Strategy of the school.

The question of how established companies can evolve their strategy to succeed amidst changing market conditions is central to her work. On that matter, Carine has embarked on a major project to study how companies across industries navigate the turbulences linked to the rapid development and diffusion of digital technologies. She has also developed a model and associated scan to assess firms’ adaptive capabilities along five key dimensions.

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Professor Kurt Verweire
Kurt Verweire

Kurt Verweire obtained his PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1999. He is Associate Professor Strategic Management and Partner at Vlerick Business School.

His research interests include formulating and implementing winning business strategies, performance management and change management, and corporate strategy. Current research projects address how firms have to position themselves in the market, and how to create alignment and commitment within the organisation.

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Peter Hunin


Data Governance Consultant

"Strategy is not just a great idea or a direction that you want to go with the company. Much more is involved in the successful development and implementation of a strategy. During this course everything was explained neatly and in a structured way. I return to the company with a suitcase full of information. I'm going to spread the word and I’m convinced I can inspire my colleagues in getting their strategy done in the correct way!"

Peter Vansteenkiste



“Principal thing I learned is that every company/organisation has to focus and make decisions upon which operating model they will implement to reach the defined goal/value proposition. The way of learning was very interesting, being free where and when the course can be followed. I feel I have a very good base to start implementing a strategy in a company or business unit of a company by introducing actions in the 5 levers of strategy implementation.”

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