Why this programme?

What is the added value of following the programme 'Strategy Implementation'?

  • Evaluate if your company has a clear, winning business strategy
  • Explain your strategy for all the stakeholders in your company in order to get all people on board
  • Understand the implications of your strategic choices to make better business decisions
  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy implementation efforts
  • Recommend which actions to take within your organisation to improve your implementation capabilities
  • Formulate steps and processes to help implement your strategy
  • Examine the critical role of involving your employees in the strategy implementation process
  • Identify what are 'bright spots' and 'attention points' in your change towards a more strategy-focused organisation

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Strategy implementation

Prof Kurt Verweire about Strategy Implementation

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  1. What do business ecosystems mean for your company and how do they impact your role as a leader?

    New evolutions in the field of customer expectations, regulation, technology, and globalisation force organisations to rethink the way in which they set up strategic collaborations with partners. Diverse stakeholders increasingly join forces in more organic and evolving ecosystems to develop and/or offer products or services via collaboration as well as via competition. How can your organisation benefit from ecosystem thinking? And how to structure such collaboration? Read all about it in this white paper.
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