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Give your career the kick-start it deserves! From day one our professional career advisors will work with you to identify your values and enhance your job search.

Kick-start your career

Your Vlerick Masters gives you the skills, insights and instincts with the power to make a difference. Our wide array of career services help match them to your own unique vision and ambition. So you can explore your true potential… finetune it in sync with the global job market.

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Know yourself

A series of coordinated career skills seminars, management skills seminars and 1-to-1 sessions with career coaches will steer your development from day 1. So you can identify your unique strengths and added value and your progress in your Vlerick Development Portfolio.

Know the market

Exclusive networking events, specialised career workshops, targeted job fairs and selected company presentations offer you an invaluable insight into the current and future direction of the global job market. So you know exactly what your preferred employers will be looking for.

Land your dream job

The Vlerick Recruitment Platform brings together Vlerick graduates and employers seeking talent with the potential to steer their company or organisation in a new direction. Our coaching sessions will teach you how to write a killer CV and cover letter. So you can stand out from the crowd. And your in-company consultancy project will give you more than just a foot in the door with a company that fits your needs and career goals!  

Career Guidance: plot your ideal career path!

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» Discover our career services to reach your full potential

Your career Journey at Vlerick

Know yourself

Know the job market

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Employers of Vlerick Masters in Financial Management graduates include:

MFM graduates

Our MFM alumni testify

Elodie Vanden Avenne 

"When I started the MFM program at Vlerick, I thought I wanted to go in trading or work for one of the big banks. However, during the program, I learned more about corporate finance, the current evolution in banking regulation, entrepreneurial finance, etc. This changed my view on what I wanted to do in my professional career and I decided to join a scale up in the fintech lender sector." 


Elodie Vanden Avenne - MFM 2019 - Associate Investors & Operations Team at Fiduciam

"Vlerick can’t be taken out of who I am today. For sure, we learn a lot of technical skills and we become adept to solve the most complex finance cases. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath, we grow as a person. Before joining Vlerick, I did not have a clear idea about the different career paths and the full spectrum of possibilities. So, Thanks to Vlerick career events, I am now fully aware about my destination, and about what it takes to achieve it."

Issam Lachab – MFM 2017 - Upstream Europe Gas Market Optimization & Trading Analyst at ExxonMobil

 Issam Lachab 

Extra career services: Reach your full potential

Get your CV to the top of the pile

Learn how to make an unforgettable first impression and secure an interview for your dream job during our seminar on writing effective CVs and cover letters. We’ll also help you boost your presence on the online job market with targeted LinkedIn training courses.

Ace your interviews and assessment centres

Learn how to own the room during that all-important job interview with our dedicated role-playing sessions, personalised assessment and individual coaching.

Review your job contract

Our Careers team will help you understand your job offer and you make sure the contract you sign after graduating from Vlerick is competitive and in line with the job market.

Stay on top of your game

As a member of our Sales, Strategy or other Vlerick expert clubs, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the trends and insights that catch the attention of employers.

Seize that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Our dedicated recruitment platform, career days, job fairs and other career events put you into direct contact with employers who know and value the unique skills Vlerick graduates bring to the table. Together, they are designed to follow the recruitment cycle of all major companies to ensure maximum impact.

Go global

Vlerick’s worldwide academic, corporate and alumni networks open up doors for graduates well beyond their own horizons. So when you take the leap towards an international career, you can be sure we’ll be there to help.

Grow your network exponentially

Corporate events, job days, job fairs, company visits, international immersion trips, … there are countless ways for you to expand your network during and after your Vlerick Masters. And turn every acquaintance and encounter into a potential pathway to success. 


Meet us at upcoming eventsfairs around the world, challenges or get in touch with our programme advisor to schedule a campus visit!

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