Application Process

Application Process

1. Submit your full online application pack

Fill out the application form (writable PDF) and upload it with all necessary documents:

Opt for GMAT/GRE with English Proficiency Exam OR the Vlerick Business Admissions Test (VBAT)

2. Receive an email from admissions

Within a couple of days, we will inform whether your application file meets our criteria and is complete.
We will invite you for the admissions test and/or interview, depending on your application procedure.

3. Take part in the admissions test or interview

You’ll receive your timeslot for the VBAT or an invitation for your interview. The interview is conducted in person, via Skype, or over the phone.

4. Get your result by e-mail

You’ll receive your admissions decision by e-mail within two business days for the VBAT or within two weeks for the GMAT/GRE. If you ‘re not admitted, you’ll have the opportunity to ask for feedback and reapply once for the same intake.


Application Process

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