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Did you know that...

  • only 3% of CEOs of publicly listed companies in the EU countries are women;
  • only 1 out of 5 board members in EU listed companies is female;
  • research showed that a gender diverse board leads a company to better financial performance.

That's why we at Vlerick Business School see it as our responsibility to guide, challenge and prepare ambitious women to take up management roles within their company. Furthermore we continuously want to boost the (gender)diversity in our programmes.

Tackling the lack of female talent progressing to senior levels in organizations is something that needs a continuum of efforts. By offering a female leadership grant, Vlerick Business School wants to support female candidates and encourage an increase in the number of women in senior leadership roles.

Join the Vlerick Executive MBA and gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel in your chosen career.

Inspirational stories of our female EMBA Alumni

2 emba formats to suit your schedule

female leadership docent
Executive MBA Combi

Combine your private and professional time investment with our Executive MBA Combi programme at our Ghent/Brussels campus (alternating).

When: Friday & Saturday
Class hours: 8 am-6.30 pm
Where: Ghent & Brussels
Frequency: 3-weekly
Start: 18 October 2019

Executive MBA Weekend

Follow the Executive MBA Proramme during your own time in the weekends at our Brussels Campus.

When: Saturday & Sunday
Class hours: 8 am-6.30 pm
Where: Brussels
Frequency: 3-weekly
Start: January 2020

Convinced? Apply now

1.Apply online for the Executive MBA
Check your eligibility, create your online profile and take part in one of our upcoming on-campus admission tests or contact [email protected].

a. Until 31 October included for the Executive MBA Combi programme starting 12 October 2018
b. Until 30 November 2018 included for the Executive MBA Weekend programme starting 10 January 2019
2. Apply for the female leadership grant

Answer the following questions in a format of your choice:

  • How would more women in senior leadership positions make a difference in today’s society?
  • Who do you see as your role model?
  • What personal skills and experiences have helped you in getting where you are today?
  • How would the Executive MBA help you in becoming a role model for other highly ambitious women?
3. Mail us your answers prior to your admission test

Send the answers to the questions in step 2 to [email protected]

Make sure to submit your answers to the questions in step 2 before taking part in the admission test.

(By participating you agree with the Terms and conditions stipulated in our Contest Rules)

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23 April 2019
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Business schools must eliminate gender inequality

Only 3 of the top 30 European business schools have a female dean. Vlerick Business School is one of them. Vlerick’s Dean Marion Debruyne takes a clear stand when it comes to gender equality and female leadership. Read more »

How did women experience the Vlerick Executive MBA?

Sophie Thiebaut - Founder & Management Consultant

Micheline Wille - VP Medical Affairs Europe

"I was really surprised by the relatively low number of female participants in the Executive MBA programme. In my opinion, as women tend to put themselves in more supportive roles, this programme is an extremely valuable tool for at least trying to overcome this so-called 'natural' tendency. You are encouraged to be assertive, raise your voice and take a stand for what you believe to be important. It is also a great opportunity for networking, sharing best practices and, without any doubt, time management. Companies should encourage - and support! - more of their female employees to step into this experience."

Michelline Wille
Semra Karsak - Product Line Manager EMEA & APAC

“The thrilling part of my Vlerick experience was the intensive group work throughout the programme. It was empowering to see the consequences of channelling the group’s power towards a common goal – and blending the strong skills and knowledge from a variety of backgrounds along the way. The inter-group discussions expanded my vision by revealing more potential. Such richness going beyond one’s professional circle is difficult to experience in the workplace.
It was an immense pleasure to improve speed and flexibility by critically analysing the group dynamics, while collectively constructing the best path in limited time. The experience-sharing among the participants was not limited to reaching the goals, but aimed at going beyond – which gave me the chance to reflect on the takeaways for my professional life.”

Semra Karsak
Veerle Van De Vijver - Entrepreneur

One of my dreams (…and I still have a lot left…) was to do an MBA. In what was probably the busiest period in my life (young children, building a house, a husband combining a full-time job and studying osteopathy, and a job requiring a lot of trips abroad…) I decided to go for it! With a little help from my friends and family, a very rigorous planning, and (above all) the strong will to succeed, I not only ‘survived’ but I experienced an extremely exciting two-year period.
The MBA programme allowed me to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that have helped me move forward in my career. And probably even more important, it gave me the confidence to set up my own business, Tavernier & Van De Vijver. I realise now more than even how the MBA of so many years ago contributes to the successful development of my company. Finally, I would like to highlight the networking opportunities after finishing the programme – for female students too! Some fellow students have become very close friends. In a more general way, being part of the Vlerick family feels like being on the same wavelength, and it certainly opens doors and creates possibilities.”

Veerle Van De Vijver
Padma Challagundla - Head of Programme
Customer Solutions

“I did my MBA as part of my continuous education, leading to my third master’s degree. As I had to combine the MBA studies with a full-time job, it helped me to ‘polish’ my time management, priority setting, and workload balancing skills. I liked the idea of meeting, interacting and bonding with a wider range of interesting people from different walks of life. Spending a lot of time together gave me the opportunity to make very good and close friends. Friendships which have only grown stronger with time.
Now, a couple of years after graduating I can truly say that the knowledge gained during my MBA at Vlerick has resulted to be valuable in my professional life.”

Padma Challagundla

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Liesbeth De Baere

Liesbeth De Baere
Customer Relationship Manager Executive MBA
+32 9 210 97 72

[email protected]

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