Financing your MBA

If you need financial help to do the Executive MBA, you can use a loan or grant towards your tuition fees.

Grants and scholarships

  • The Female Leadership Grant
    Research shows that a company with a gender diverse board performs better financially. Yet only one in five board members in EU-listed companies are female. That’s why we offer the Vlerick Female Leadership Grant – so we can help more women prepare to take on senior roles and redress the balance.
  • The Social Entrepreneurship Grant
  • Country-specific options
    Make sure you explore any options available in your home country. You may be able to get a grant or scholarship to help towards your studies – and you may get a tax reduction on the cost of your Executive MBA programme.
    If you’re a German citizen, you can apply for a scholarship from Deutsche Bildung.

Funding for SMEs

  • Flanders-based SMEs
    If you work at a Flemish SME, you could use the ‘KMO-portefeuille’ to fund part of your Executive MBA. This means the Government will subsidise part of your tuition fees (but not catering costs or cost materials). Depending on the size of your company, you can apply for up to €15,000 per year.

    How to apply:
    • First register for the programme, and then apply for a subsidy. You need to apply within 14 days of starting the programme – you can apply before you get your programme invoice.
    • On your application, you need to include the number of hours of the programme.
    • To find out more, visit: (this website is in Dutch).
      Vlerick’s approval number is: DV.O105182.

  • Brussels-based SMEs
    If you’re self-employed – or you work for an SME in one of the Brussels boroughs – you can apply for a subsidy from the Brussels-Capital Region.
    Each organisation can apply for subsidies for up to three programmes per year – of up to 50% of each programme fee (a maximum of €3,000).

    How does it work:
    • Once you register for your programme, you can apply for a subsidy. You should apply before the programme starts – or at the latest, 30 days after it’s started.
    • The programme you apply for needs to cost at least €1,000.
    • More information is available on the Brussels region website(this website is in Dutch and French).


You can use a loan to pay for your tuition fees. Please get in touch with your bank to find out more – or email [email protected] for more information.

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