Build your management capabilities

Hone your managerial capacities in an environment that constantly challenges you to apply what you have learned to your own professional context and other concrete business cases.

Building Effective Teams

Successful managers are skilled in building and managing effective teams. During this 2-two seminar we will focus on some key ingredients that will help you to become more skilled in this area. We will provide you with an insightful framework to better understand individual employee differences and strengths, which will help in putting together teams. We will get a grip on and experience with teamwork dynamics, enabling you to discover how to create the optimal context for teamwork to flourish. Finally, we will focus on the communication aspect and will use peer feedback to give you more insights on how you shape your interactions with others.

Managing People at Work

The way organisations manage their human resources is a very important determinant of their competitive advantage. The most effective multinational, start-up, profit and non-profit organisations understand the importance of integrating human resource management practices into all spheres of their organisations to ensure that they attract, retain and motivate their employees. Theoretical sessions, case studies and guest speakers are used to impart knowledge and understanding of key concepts within this course.

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Effective Manufacturing & Service Delivery

The course is orientated towards providing participants with an understanding of the purpose, place and importance of Operations Management in organisations, with special reference to the interaction with and integration of this discipline with other management disciplines. Through pre-reading, lectures, cases and a team assignment, participants will acquire an understanding of the nature, structure and commonality of operating systems and their component sub-systems from an operations perspective. In addition, they will also gain insight into how to analyse complex operational issues, develop possible solutions and devise implementation plans, as well as an appreciation of the importance of adopting an Operations perspective when developing an organisational strategy and of ensuring that Operations policies are consistent with this strategy.

Value-added IT & Process Management

The focus of this integrative course, which is pitched at an enterprise level and does not require an IT background, is on the efficient and effective use of information technology (IT) in contemporary enterprises with special reference to management issues relating to planning, organisation and the control of IT resources. By way of lectures and numerous case studies, participants are made aware of fundamental managerial concepts, e.g. business-IT alignment, It governance and IT architecture.

Measuring & Tracking Business Performance

The course entails an introduction to the role of cost and management accounting information to support the strategic and operational needs of present day organisations. Apart from being given an understanding of how cost accounting systems are designed and what the differences between traditional and activity based costing systems are, participants are also guided by way of case studies on how to deal with the decision making process and the implementation of a planning and control system within a company. The course concludes with a discussion of the need for a balanced score card and how such a score card should be developed and implemented.

Marketing: Creating Value with Your Customer

The course is focused on an understanding of the fundamental marketing principles and how organisations apply these principles in delivering value to their customers in a manner that increases profitability. By way of articles, lectures and case studies, students will be given the opportunity to understand and apply the fundamental marketing principles with reference to marketing channels, sales, branding, pricing, globalisation, creativity and business intelligence.

Build your management capabilities

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