Integration & knowledge-in-action

All core courses at Vlerick are centred around intensive, practically oriented experience in concrete management skills. Develop a multidisciplinary, synthetic approach to problem solving with continuous practical touch points to ensure relevance to your future career.

International Trip to China or South Africa

Expand your horizons during the 1-week international study trip organised in close collaboration with a renowned local business school. Choose from two destinations: China or South Africa. Gain fresh insights and forge new relationships in small, interactive groups of students, faculty and international professionals. Share your own business experience with your international counterparts during stimulating plant visits.

* Destinations are offered according to availability and/or demand. Depending on whether you choose to start your MBA experience in January or September, your BRICS trip will be scheduled earlier or later in your programme.


Capetown   OR   Beijing


IMEx – Integration Lab

Find out what you are really made of! This highly challenging yet motivating team assignment will demand intense collaborative effort, creative thinking, cooperation and leadership. Discover and redefine your limits under pressure while developing solutions to real management issues in a simulated business environment. Your performance will be monitored in terms of economic success, employee satisfaction and impact on the environment. Can you make a difference across all these dimensions?

Knowledge-in-action project

Boost the practical relevance of your studies while generating a real return on investment for your current employer. Your in-company consultancy project is the icing on the cake of your Vlerick experience. You will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and insights either to an assessment of your own company or in developing your own business plan.


Integration & knowledge-in-action

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