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Welcome to our registration process webpage! You are only a few steps away from your registration for the Executive MBA programme! We look forward to welcoming you to our School and we wish you all the best in your studies!


You wish to secure your place in our Executive MBA programme? It’s simple:



The total tuition fee of €41,500 for our Executive MBA will be split into a first part, €25,000 and a second part, €16,500. Please indicate how we should draw up the invoice for the first part of the programme. Before the start of the second year, you must register again and indicate the way of invoicing for the second part of the fee.

You will be invoiced according to how you are financing your programme:

  • If your company is paying the programme fee, we will send the invoice for the first part with a standard due date of 30 days directly to the company (address stated on the registration form).
  • If you are paying the programme fee yourself, you will receive ONE invoice for the first part of the tuition fee. Please pay the non-refundable commitment fee of 25% before the due date mentioned on the invoice. The remaining fee can be paid in once before the start of the programme or if you opt to pay in instalments in 3 separate instalments. A fee of 250 EUR and a signed contract is required to pay in instalments with the following due dates:
    • For the EMBA Combi starting in October 2019: November 2019, February 2020 and April 2020.
    • For the EMBA Weekend starting in January 2020: March 2020, June 2020 and September 2020.


  • Flanders: KMO-portefeuille

If you work at a Flemish SME, you could use the ‘KMO-portefeuille’ to partially fund your educational programme at Vlerick Business School. Dependent on the size of your company up to €15,000 of your participation fee can subsidised by the Government.

    • Small companies (< 50 FTE): Maximum 40% of the programme fee can be subsidised (max. €10,000)
    • Middle size companies (< 250 FTE): Maximum 30% of the programme fee can be subsidised (max. €15,000)

First register for the programme, then apply for a subsidy. Please note that the application procedure should be completed within 14 days of the course start date, at the latest. Note that you can perfectly apply for the subsidy without having received your invoice yet. So no need to wait for it to apply.

All info and recent updates are available at: (Dutch-language website).

Vlerick Business School’s approval number is: DV.O105182.

  • The Brussels-Capital Region: subsidies for SMEs

Self-employed people and SMEs located in one of the 19 Brussels boroughs can apply for a subsidy at the Brussels-Capital Region:

    • Maximum 3 programmes per organisation per year
    • Per programme maximum 50% of the programme fee can be subsidised (max. 2500 euro)
    • First register for the programme , then apply for a subsidy. (preferably before the start of the programme, at the latest 30 days after the start of the programme)
    • The programme costs at least 1000 euro

All info is available on the website of the Brussels Region (Dutch- & French-language website).


We wish you all the best during what will be truly a life-changing experience!



At the start of the programme, you will receive a Proof of Registration but if needed we can already issue one as soon as our accounting department has confirmed your payment.


To complete your registration, we require a copy of your diploma prior to your admissions interview.

  • For Belgian degrees, please send us a coloured scan of your original diploma.
  • For non-Belgian degrees, please send us a certified copy or scan of your diploma, or allow us to check the authenticity of your diploma by bringing along your original copy at the start of the programme.

Students who cannot provide a Proof of Graduation will not be allowed to continue the programme.

Translation for documents

The required documents delivered to the Belgian embassy of Consulate may either be in English, French, German or Dutch, or an authenticated translation into one of these languages.

Authentication of documents

Ask the Belgian diplomatic offices in your country of residence to authenticate the original documents and any translation thereof. This may be done by the Belgian diplomatic offices, or the local authorities themselves, by adding an “Apostille” to the documents.

Registration for our Executive MBA programme

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