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In a rapidly changing world, lifelong learning is essential for organisations as well as individuals. Are you ready for the next step in your career? Is your company in the process of learning, adapting, innovating and changing? Vlerick is the place for transformation and the number 1 in the Benelux for Executive Education according to The Financial Times.

Transformation Programmes

New technologies create new opportunities, but also challenges in your day-to-day working practice. Which are the major digital opportunities and threats and how do you translate them into a successful digital strategy in today’s competitive environment? Which leadership skills do you need in today’s changing world and how do you reach effective transformation? Discover our hands-on programmes Digital StrategyDigital Leadership and Leading Change.

Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership

Digital technology has an impact on the entire organisation – vision and leadership are required to develop digital ecosystems and business models. In this programme, you help shape a successful transformation to the digital business environment.

Digital Leadership

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

New technologies create new business opportunities, as well as challenges. In this programme, you will mould these digital initiatives into a successful digital strategy and practical transformation.

Digital Strategy

Leading Change

Masters opleidingen

Change is a constant in today’s business world. In the Leading Change Programme, you learn how to initiate and successfully implement strategic change. You’ll also be able to redirect resistance to create optimal readiness for change.

Leading Change

Vlerick Experience Day

In a rapidly changing world, it is essential for organisations as well as individuals to take the lead. It’s our pleasure to help you in this − and that’s why we’re organising the Vlerick Experience Days with ‘Transformation’ as the central theme.

Have a look at the after movie of the second Experience Day in the Netherlands.



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Transformers 2018

You can now download the Transformers magazine (only available in Dutch):

Transformation Expertise and Inspiration

We have extensive expertise in 3 strategic themes with high business impact:

The Batteries of Change

The starting point of our change model is that effective change is all about managing energy. Each organisation has a level of energy – and when you generate enough energy, you can use it to make lasting change happen. But if your energy reserves are running low, your change efforts will quickly fizzle out. Is your organisation energised for change? Download the white paper, toolkit and cases to find out.

White paper: The batteries of change


Finding a job should be just as easy as ordering an Uber. With this in mind, Vlerick and temporary employment agency Accent Jobs developed the ‘Swop a job’ app: a tinder-based app in which candidates can swipe for the dream job in their circle of acquaintances.

‘Swop a job’ removes the barriers, ensures speed and makes applying attractive and effective! And not to mention the prediction models that we can apply to these valuable data. Read the interview with Professor Steve Muylle now.


Evolution or revolution? Rigorous changes or business continuity? Vision or humility? Dilemmas that every leader struggles with in this digital era. Professor Stijn Viaene talked to leaders of the Dutch business community about the do's & don'ts of ‘ultimate leadership of digital transformation’.

'It's not just about implementing fast digital innovations, but about transforming existing companies: how do you take that step-by-step approach in the digital era?'

Read the full Management Scope article now.


DSM has an ambition: To lead the world in B2B marketing and have the very best marketing people in-house to do that. How to realise this ambition? By creating and developing knowledge together − and, as we say in Flanders: met goesting! (with enthusiasm!). The result: A global change learning journey!

With this unique collaboration, Vlerick and DSM won gold in the Professional Development category of the EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards 2018. The jury’s assessment:
This learning journey for DSM's sales and marketing teams has completely transformed the way this company markets and sells its products and services. It has improved the culture, improved skills and accelerated career development opportunities. This positive impact is now influencing other departments of the company as well.

Read the inspiring story about how Vlerick Dean Marion Debruyne and DSM Marketing Director Arthur Simonetti achieved this result.


Are you ready for your next challenge? Whether you want to boost your career, effect change in your organisation, or start a whole new business − you’ll achieve your goals with Vlerick Business School’s Executive MBA! Be inspired by international perspectives, gain access to the global Vlerick community of more than 22,000 professionals, and become that agile leader with impact. Go for an MBA at Vlerick!

Executive MBA

Your career path is unique. And we at Vlerick understand that perfectly. That’s why we offer a customised Executive MBA programme. You choose the areas to focus on, we develop special modules and bootcamps. In combination with Vlerick’s practice-oriented approach, we help you achieve your goals. Register now for our Executive MBA, provided in various formats in Brussels or Ghent.

Online MBA

Prefer the flexibility of studying from your global home base? Then choose our online MBA. Vlerick offers you a complete online learning journey with live webinars on the latest topics, role plays, group discussions and continuous interaction with professors and fellow participants.

Vlerick Stories

Vlerick people are students at heart and entrepreneurs in life. Many have already journeyed to their
dreams. Each of their stories is unique – just like yours. Let them inspire you to take your dream to
the next level. Watch their stories:

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