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What do successful companies in ever-changing business worlds have in common? Resilience and agility – factors that allow them to navigate the external environment and focus on future growth.   

In six modules, organised over twelve weeks, this 100% online learning programme prepares you for a digitally-savvy and future-ready leadership role. You’ll live and learn approaches to agility and resilience – and you’ll gain the skills to leap confidently into leading change in your  organisation. 

Detailed programme

This programme takes you on a journey in live online webinars and self-paced online sessions. Over 12 thought-provoking weeks, you’ll be inspired by short videos, reading, peer discussions, individual and group assignments and discussions with fellow participants. 

Your professors and dedicated coach will be on hand to help and challenge you throughout. 

Module 0: Programme introduction 

  • Discover your online journey 
  • Dive into the practical details of the programme 

Module 1: Digital transformation next 

  • Explore digital transformation in the context of unpredictable change 
  • Discover resilience and agility – the two main pillars of digital transformation  
  • Learn how digital technology can accelerate digital transformation 

Module 2: Organisational resilience 

  • Examine how digital technology and digital leadership skills help organisations anticipate shocks and respond to crises

 Module 3: Personal resilience 

  • Discover how digital leaders can personally cope with the uncertainty, risk, and turbulence inherent in the digital era and the contemporary business landscape.

 Module 4: Exploring opportunities  

  • Discover the abilities an agile leader needs to explore and experiment 
  • Understand the exploration practices that accelerate digital transformation 

Module 5: Exploiting and scaling 

  • Discover how technology boosts agile leadership 
  • Understand the capabilities an agile leader needs to exploit and scale 
  • Understand the exploitation practices that accelerate digital transformation 

Module 6: Taking the lead

  • Discover your digital leadership profile
  • Explore how to take the programme’s learnings further

Elective topics

Take optional elective topics through LinkedIn Learning – and gain a deeper understanding of digital technologies including the cloud, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, augmented reality and blockchain.

Why this programme

  • Articulate and frame the digital transformation challenge of creating organisational resilience and agility
  • Describe the key leadership responsibilities and capabilities needed to create resilience and agility for success
  • Implement and evaluate practices for creating digital-age resilience and agility
  • Motivate and support others to contribute to your organisation’s digital transformation
  • Understand the impact that disruptive technologies can have on leadership in your company 

Who should attend

  • Professionals with a minimum of three years’ business experience, who drive their organisation’s digital transformation 
  • Individuals who want to champion digitally-savvy change 
  • Professionals who want to co-create transformation, holistically and inclusively 
  • Professionals who believe in helping others to develop and perform at their full potential


Stijn Viaene

Stijn Viaene

Professor of Digital Transformation

Stijn Viaene is dedicated to helping executives transform their enterprises for a digital world.