Future Power Grid Managers Programme

Exploring challenges and opportunities in the power and gas industries


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The energy sector in general – and the electricity transportation and distribution business in particular – will face more changes in the next 10 years than in the last 100. 

The Future Grid Managers Programme is designed to prepare you for this uncertain future. Over nine days, you’ll develop the skills you need to become an agile leader. You’ll live and learn best practice from both within the industry and outside it – so you can leap into applying the latest thinking in your own organisation. 

Detailed programme

The Future Grid Managers Programme gives you valuable insights into innovation, stakeholder engagement, leadership and entrepreneurship. It comprises three modules, all held at different European DSO/TSO organisations – with opportunities to meet senior executives and listen to keynotes from C-suite leaders.  

Module 1: The energy environment – Brussels 

  • Explore the European scene – experience the context your organisation operates in, meet important stakeholders and visit European institutions 
  • Learn to tailor your strategy for your non-market environment 
  • Discover a framework to identify and address issues that could harm your organisation’s reputation 
  • Refine your negotiation skills to connect more effectively with stakeholders 

Module 2: Innovation from the core – Milan

  • Discover innovation first-hand at the ENEL innovation lab 
  • Explore what digital transformation really means and how to make it work in your organisation 
  • Dive into M&A management – and how to make effective M&A decisions 
  • Take part in a simulation on cross-cultural collaboration and leadership 

Module 3: Commercial and ecosystem approaches for TSOs and DSOs 

  • Explore start-up culture and what you can learn from the way start-ups work 
  • Assess and refine your business model 
  • Discover how ecosystem thinking can create value 

Why this programme

  • Gain a deep understanding of how sector trends and challenges can impact your organisation 
  • Enhance your leadership skills – and get the tools to help your teams develop their skills too 
  • Learn to develop business cases for your organisation 
  • Build a valuable, Europe-wide network of peers to share experiences and ideas with 

Who should attend

  • Senior managers in DSO or TSO organisations in Europe

Success stories

Myriam Guilloteau

The programme is very interesting both in terms of managerial practices and knowledge of future trends in the energy sector. Above all, I would like to highlight rich exchanges with fascinating speakers as well as dynamic exchanges with my European colleagues from TSOs, DSOs and other companies. 


Leonardo Meeus

Leonardo Meeus

Professor of Nonmarket Strategies

Leonardo Meeus helps companies to take a broader perspective on strategy.

Barney Jordaan

Barney Jordaan

Professor of Negotiation

Barney Jordaan is an expert in negotiation and conflict leadership – and helps organisations build effective negotiation strategies.

Steve Muylle

Steve Muylle

Professor of Digital Strategy and Marketing

Steve Muylle creates business impact with actionable insight about digital technology.

Smaranda Boros

Smaranda Boros

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

If you want to change the world, Smaranda Boros is here to guide, challenge and support you. 

Daniel Dobbeni

Daniel Dobbeni

Executive in Residence

Daniel Dobbeni brings decades of experience in the energy sector to his work with Vlerick.

Kerstin Fehre

Kerstin Fehre

Professor of Strategy

Kerstin Fehre is passionate about strategy and explores the ways organisations make strategic decisions.