Executive Master Class in Business-to-Business Marketing and Sales

Develop and implement your B2B marketing and sales strategy


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If you need to develop – or redefine – a successful B2B marketing strategy, this programme is for you. Gain a solid understanding of all the latest thinking and techniques in B2B marketing. Then put your learning directly into practice, with a supervised project in your own company.

On this programme, you create a learning journey that’s tailored to the needs of your company, your role and your ambitions. And you and your organisation get an immediate return, as your learning translates into instant impact.

Detailed programme

Build your knowledge and understanding in two broad phases. In the first, you dive deep into the fundamentals of B2B marketing. Across three core modules, you learn how to develop a strategic marketing plan, how to implement and manage it – and then to capture and maximise business value. 

You get to live everything you learn in an in-company project – building a strategy for your own organisation… all with the support of our expert faculty. 

Then in the second phase, you deepen your knowledge by choosing electives that best align with the needs of your company and your role. Choose, for example, the Sales Path, to enhance your understanding of Sales Management and Self-Leadership. Or follow the Marketing Path and dive deep into Digital Strategy. If you’d rather build your own path, we’d be happy to help you select your electives.  

The Executive Master Class in B2B Marketing & Sales covers the following modules:  

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Module 1: Understand and develop your strategic direction 

  • Discover the fundamentals of B2B marketing 
  • Learn to segment, target and position 
  • Create your organisation’s strategic marketing plan 

Module 2: Implement and manage for success 

  • Learn to manage customer value 
  • Discover how to create flexible market offers 
  • Explore brand building, brand architecture and value-adding marketing & sales channels

Module 3: Maximise and capture business value 

  • Understand customer-centricity and reputation management 
  • Identify strategies for growth 
  • Define a competitive, disruptive business model – and implement pricing strategies 

In-company project 

  • Apply your learning to an opportunity or challenge in your own organisation 
  • Step back and take a strategic view 
  • Use your fellow participants and expert faculty as a sounding board 
  • Create value for your organisation 

You can tackle any kind of challenge or opportunity, including how to tap into new markets, launch in new regions, turn customers into ambassadors, developing and enhancing value propositions, aligning marketing plans to business goals – or indeed, how to grow in Belgium and the Netherlands.  

Electives: Tailor your learning journey 

  • Specialise with 4–6 days from our range of short-term programmes  
  • Tailor your programme to yours and your company’s needs 
  • Start your electives before, during or after the core modules  

Why this programme

  • Gain the latest knowledge and insight into B2B marketing and sales
  • Tackle a real strategic challenge for your own company
  • Learn from the experiences of your peers in different organisations
  • Analyse the value of your company’s offers
  • Gain strategic tools for competitive advantage
  • Take elective programmes – perhaps to support your in-company project – to  help deepen your knowledge in related subject areas 

After graduating from this programme, you are entitled to join our alumni network. Visit the Vlerick Alumni website for more information.

Who should attend

  • Marketing and sales professionals, at mid or senior management level, who are looking for a comprehensive programme, covering the most relevant topics 
  • Professionals who currently rely on ‘gut feeling’ and are looking for a more structured approach 
  • Technical specialists, including engineers, pharmacists and lawyers, who have moved into more commercial roles 
  • Talented young professionals, planning to take their next steps in commercial careers 

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Practical info

To apply for this programme, you need to complete four steps:

1. Check your eligibility: Check if you meet the admissions criteria for the programme you want to apply for.

2. Submit your application: Fill out the application form and upload it together with your cv or LinkedIn profile.

3. Take part in an interview: When we receive your application, we’ll get in touch to set up an interview. This will take about an hour and will cover:

  • Your professional experience and current challenges
  • Your career ambitions
  • Why you want to take the programme
  • Which electives are right for you (if the programme includes electives)

4. Confirm your registration: If you pass the interview, we’ll send you a registration form. You’ll have two weeks to complete and submit the form to confirm your programme place.

Success stories

An Brouns

I now have a context in which to further develop our marketing strategy. And I have learned that the key thing for us to do is to keep on working on our long-term plan. This advice has proved hugely valuable to me.


Steve Muylle

Steve Muylle

Professor of Digital Strategy and Marketing

Steve Muylle creates business impact with actionable insight about digital technology.

Koen Tackx

Koen Tackx

Professor of Marketing

Koen Tackx creates sustainable value for customers, shareholders and society with effective pricing, innovation and product management.

Fred Lemke

Fred Lemke

Professor of Marketing and Sustainability

Fred Lemke explores the impact of marketing on business and society.