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If you’re relying on gut feeling to price your products and services – or you’re using a cost-plus formula, this programme could change your game. 

Prepare to roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in creating a well-crafted pricing strategy that drives value for your organisation. In your three days on campus, you’ll create – or redefine – a value-based pricing strategy for your company, and you’ll leave with a concrete plan to implement in your business.

Detailed programme

Pricing is one of the main drivers of profit in any company – but it’s often one of the least understood. In this 3,5-day programme, you’ll immerse yourself in six modules – each designed to build your knowledge and help you put it into practice immediately.

You’ll live and learn pricing, translating conceptual frameworks into a plan to take back to your own organisation. You’ll gain insights from our expert faculty and business speakers. You’ll dive deep into case studies and cutting-edge approaches. And you’ll learn from your fellow participants too, gaining their perspectives and insights – and understanding the challenges they face in their sectors.

At the end of the programme, you’ll be ready to leap into pricing for your own organisation, with a plan and value-based strategy to price your offer effectively.

The Pricing programme covers six modules: 

Module 1: The principles of value-based pricing

  • Explore what makes value-based pricing crucial for your company
  • Discover how to achieve prices that reflect true value
  • Learn to apply value-based pricing methodology

Module 2: Pricing from a financial perspective

  • Explore financial implications – and when it makes sense to compete on price
  • Learn when to discount and premiumise 
  • Discover how to increase customer lifetime value

Module 3: Making the right pricing decisions

  • Learn how to turn data into insights
  • Explore the price sensitivity curve 

Module 4: Pricing from a market perspective

  • Identify market drivers of price
  • Discover how to align tactics with market drivers
  • Examine international differences in pricing 

Module 5: Pricing from an entrepreneurial perspective

  • Explore what established and fast-growing companies can learn from each other
  • Learn to apply different revenue models 
  • Examine pricing via different channels – and the impact of exporting

Module 6: Pricing from an organisational perspective

  • Discover how to structure the pricing process internally

Sounding board: A half-day session to take your business strategy to the next level

  • Implement what you’ve learned in your own project
  • Introduce your challenge to Vlerick experts and your peers – and gain valuable feedback
  • Discover how other professionals and organisations tackle similar questions/challenges in your organisation 


Why this programme

  • Define the right pricing strategy for your business – and make a case for it 
  • Understand the drivers that create profitable pricing opportunities 
  • Solve your own pricing challenges to become more profitable

Who should attend

  • Marketing, finance, sales and business development professionals who are responsible for pricing decisions and/or revenue management 
  • Managing directors, business owners and entrepreneurs who are facing important pricing challenges  
  • Pricing directors, pricing analysts and pricing specialists 

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Success stories

Stijn Uitterhaegen

The programme gave me insights into value pricing that I could implement immediately. I’ve achieved the two objectives I had for this programme: a clear vision on pricing based on market data, and a clear set of rules and responsibilities – necessary steps in our plans to scale up the company. 


Koen Tackx

Koen Tackx

Professor of Marketing

Koen Tackx creates sustainable value for customers, shareholders and society with effective pricing, innovation and product management.

Filip Roodhooft

Filip Roodhooft

Professor of Management Accounting

Filip Roodhooft shows you how the finance function can be a valuable business partner for your organisation. 

Philippe Baecke

Philippe Baecke

Professor of Marketing

Philippe Baecke is harnessing the power of big data and analytics in all areas of marketing.

Miguel Meuleman

Miguel Meuleman

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Miguel Meuleman is passionate about the process, people and investors behind new venture ideas.