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Operations management has a direct impact on your organisation’s success – or failure. And as business becomes ever-more global, it’s a function that’s becoming increasingly challenging. 

This 100% online, self-paced programme gives you a deep understanding of the operational challenges your organisation is facing – and how to turn them into opportunities. You’ll live and learn what operational excellence looks like and get the skills to leap into improving processes across your organisation.

Detailed programme

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Essentials in Operations is divided into five modules – each focusing on a different aspect of operations management: 

Module 1: Process analysis  

  • Discover operational metrics that measure how effective processes are – including flow time, throughput rate and inventory 

Module 2: Process improvement – lean operations  

  • Explore how to reduce and eliminate waste 
  • Dive into the processes you can apply lean thinking to – from production through to administration 
  • Assess operational excellence practices in your own organisation 

Module 3: Inventory management 

  • Dive into inventory management, sales forecasting and operations planning 
  • Learn how you can reduce lead time and inventory to make your operations and supply chain more effective and profitable 

Module 4: How digital impacts the supply chain 

  • Discover how digital technology can help you develop a truly smart supply chain 
  • Explore the technology that’s changing the way we do business 
  • Find out how technology can help make your organisation more resilient  

Module 5: Conclusion 

  • Evaluate the knowledge and skills you’ve gained throughout the programme 
  • Start to plan your next steps 

Programme design 

This online journey brings together learning formats including videos, simulations, exercises, quizzes, case studies and real-life examples. You’ll also have background reading to do and questions to reflect on. 
You’ll also take part in projects – giving you the opportunity to put theory into practice and become confident at analysing your organisation’s operations. 
You can start Essentials in Operations at any time – and study wherever and whenever suits you. It takes 10 to 12 hours to complete the programme and you can split this time over a maximum of three months.

Why this programme

Whatever your area of expertise – whether it’s marketing, finance, HR or legal – your organisation’s operational challenges affect you and your role. This programme gives you the insights you need to understand the processes that take place every day across your organisation – as well as the confidence to discuss operational needs with colleagues and make suggestions for improvements. 

Who should attend

  • Professionals who want to make a positive impact on operations management in their organisations   

In previous editions, we had the pleasure of welcoming participants from companies like:

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Ann Vereecke

Ann Vereecke

Professor of Operations Management

Ann Vereecke advises on the supply chain that best fits your strategy and products.

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