Virtual Teams course at Vlerick Business School

Working in Virtual Teams

A free course with Prof Smaranda Boros

Businesses across the world manage teams on different continents and in different time zones on a daily basis. And in these challenging times, even local teams need to learn how to collaborate virtually – and adapt to new ways of working – quickly.

The instinctive reaction for teams working remotely can be to try to replicate a face-to-face environment. But virtual working comes with its own challenges – including whether you have the right organisational structure and whether your teams have the skills to work virtually.

This free online course with Smaranda Boros, Professor of Leadership and Intercultural Management, shows you how to create the ideal conditions for a virtual team to thrive.

You’ll learn how to collaborate successfully on projects. And you’ll get tips on how to assess and improve your virtual working practices – for both current and future teams.

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