André Roux


André Roux has been the Director of the Institute for Futures Research (IFR) at the University of Stellenbosch since 1996. In this capacity he runs various workshops and other strategic interventions sessions with and for leaders and strategists in business and government. The IFR has more than 130 corporate and government department clients. André also lectures on economics and futures thinking on numerous programmes at MBA and executive education programmes in South Africa and, from time to time, in Australia, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Ghana and Nigeria. He is a guest lecturer on post-graduate programmes at Dept of Economics (Stell), Dept of Industrial Psychology (Stell), School of Public Management (Stell) and Post-graduate diploma in Managing HIV and AIDS in the work-place. He is also the initiator and still academic manager of the Master of Philosophy (Futures Studies) programme, which has been presented since 1998. André holds a PhD in Economics (Stell) and is responsible for more than 100 popular publications; 1 book (9th edition); 3 chapters in scientific books; 9 publications in scientific journals; 20 papers presented at domestic and international conferences. He has supervised 1 PhD thesis; 80 postgraduate students, and is currently supervising 25 masters’ students, and 3 PhD students. He is a member of the Management Committee of the Bureau of Economic Research, the Faculty Research Committee, and the Editorial Committee of the South African Journal of Military Studies (Scientiae Militaria). He was awarded the Rector’s award for excellence in teaching at the University of Stellenbosch in 1999, and gives more than 80 talks/presentations each year.


Job Title : Head of Futures Research & MBA Economics Prof

Management Domain


Teaching in
Masters in General Management
Masters in Marketing and Digital Transformation
Full-time MBA Programme