Bert Paesbrugghe


Bert Paesbrugghe is a research associate in the Area Marketing & Sales. He conducts academic and applied research in the field of sales management, procurement, pricing and sales force effectiveness. He studied Applied Economics at Ghent University. He studied at the University Carlos 3 Madrid and at the University of Granada. He did an internship at Danone Waters and at Francorp Inc. Bert is part of the Vlerick Sales Excellence Centre.


Job Title : Research Associate

Management Domain
Marketing & Sales

Expert in
Sales Management
Strategic procurement
Managing the Sales Force


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Paesbrugghe B. Rangarajan D. Sharma A. Syam N. Jha S.  2017. Purchasing-Driven Sales: Matching Sales Strategies to the Evolution of the Purchasing Function. Industrial Marketing Management, 62: 171-184.


  • Frömmel M. Paesbrugghe B.  2010. Portfolios and investments - an introduction. BoD GmbH.

Conference Presentations

  • Hautamäki P. Hänti S. Paesbrugghe B.  2016. Business Buyers' Expectations before the first Buyer-Seller Interaction. Paper presented at GSSI 2016 -10th Global Sales Science Institute, June 3-5, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  • Rangarajan D. Bouters R. Weijters B. Paesbrugghe B.  2015. Sales And Operation Integration: The Role Of Collaboration And Alignment. Paper presented at GSSI 2015 - 9h Annual Conference Global Sales Science Institute, June 12-15, Hiroshima, Japan.

  • Paesbrugghe B. Rangarajan D.  2015. The End of Avoiding Procurement in a Buyer-Seller Relationship: a Qualitative Study from an Empowered Buyer's Perspective. Paper presented at EMAC 2015 - 44th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, May 26-29, Leuven, Belgium.