Dimitrios Kolokas


Dimitrios Kolokas currently works as a Doctoral Researcher in the Accounting and Finance Area of Vlerick Business School. His doctoral research is about the nexus between insurance industry and macroeconomic growth in times of unconventional monetary policy and financial technology. He has conducted research regarding the CFO function in Belgium, a project sponsored by FEIB. He has also participated in the research regarding risk governance of financial institutions in Europe, a project sponsored by National Bank of Belgium (NBB). He obtained his MSc in Finance and Investments at Rotterdam School of Management in 2014. Before his postgraduate studies in Rotterdam School of Management, he obtained his MSc (integrated) in Banking and Financial Management at University of Piraeus. He received merit-based scholarships by John S. Latsis Public Foundation, based on his performance at University of Piraeus.


Job Title : Doctoral Researcher

Management Domain
Accounting & Finance


Expert in
Mergers and acquisitions