Willem Standaert


Willem Standaert obtained his Master of Science degree in Business Engineering at Ghent University in 2009. Subsequently, he started working as a teaching assistant and PhD student at the marketing department of Ghent University. In June 2015, Willem successfully defended his doctoral dissertation and obtained the title of Doctor in Applied Economic Sciences at the faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Ghent University. The subject of his dissertation was the Effectiveness of Communication Technologies for Distributed Business Meetings. Since September 2015, Willem is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the Vlerick Business School, in the Area Marketing. He teaches in the Master in Marketing Management Program.

Willem’s research focuses on the use of technologies for internal and external interaction and collaboration. In addition, he studies the use of technologies in business markets. He has worked with Accenture, Barco, Bekaert, BNP Paribas Fortis, Brady, Cisco, Partenamut, Procter &Gamble, TE Connectivity, and USG People, and his work has been published in Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, Information Technology and Management, and Psychology & Marketing.


Job Title : Postdoctoral Research Associate

Management Domain
Marketing & Sales
Digital Transformation

Expert in
Collaboration Systems and Technologies
Buyer-supplier Relationships
Social Media and Mobile Technologies
Digital Transformation


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Muylle S. Standaert W.  2016. The Use of Procedural Fairness in Electronic Reverse Auctions to Enhance Relationship Quality. Psychology & Marketing, 33(4): 283-296.

  • Standaert W. Muylle S. Basu A.  2016. An Empirical Study of the Effectiveness of Telepresence as a Business Meeting Mode. Information Technology and Management, 17(4): 323-339.

  • Standaert W. Muylle S. Amelinckx I.  2015. An empirical study of electronic reverse auction project outcomes. Electronic Commerce Research & Applications, 14(2): 81-94.

Conference Presentations

  • Jarvenpaa S. Standaert W.  2017. Emergent Ecosystem for Radical Innovation: Entrepreneurial Probing at Formula E. Paper presented at 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, January 4-7, Hawaii, United States.

  • Standaert W.  2017. Coping Strategies for Trade-Offs Related to the Use of Communication Technology in Business Meetings. Paper presented at The Gothenburg Meeting Science Symposium, May 23-24, Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Standaert W. Jarvenpaa S.  2016. Formula E: Next Generation Motorsport with Next Generation Fans. Paper presented at 37th International Conference on Information Systems, December 11-14, Dublin, Ireland.

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  • Standaert W. Muylle S. Basu A.  2014. Effective Business Meeting Mode Selection. Paper presented at European Conference on Information Systems – Doctoral Colloquium, June 6-7, Midreshet Sde Boker, Israel.

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  • Standaert W. Muylle S. Basu A.  2011. Telepresence in business meetings. Paper presented at International Conference on Information Systems, December 4-7, Shanghai, China.

Doctoral dissertation

  • Standaert W.  2015. Effectiveness of Communication Technologies for Distributed Business Meetings. 

Research reports

  • Muylle S. Basu A. Standaert W. Decraene W. Debrabander F. Praet S.  2016. How Can B2B Organizations Engage Consumers through the Use of Digital Technology. Vlerick Business School & Accenture Belux Digital 20/20 Chair.

Vlerick cases

  • Muylle S. Standaert W.  2017. BNP Paribas Fortis: The "James" Banking Experience. Ivey Case Study. Reference no. 9B17E006 (C) + 8B17E006 (TN).

Vlerick working papers

  • Basu A. Muylle S. Standaert W.  2015. Engaging Social Media Services to Enhance Online Business Processes. 2015