Yannick Dillen



Yannick Dillen is doctor in Applied Economic Sciences. He obtained his PhD on high-growth firms at the University of Antwerp in 2014. From September 2010 to October 2014, Yannick was employed at the Chamber of Commerce Antwerp as a researcher on growth firms. In November 2014, he started working as a private investments analyst for the asset management firm Econopolis. Since November 2015, Yannick is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the Vlerick Business School. His research is situated in the field of high-growth firms and family businesses. Yannick is closely involved in the Impulse Centre “Growth Management for Medium-Sized Enterprises” (iGMO) where he is the coordinator of iGMO Academy, iGMO 9 and iGMO 10.


Job Title : Postdoctoral Researcher

Management Domain

Expert in
Strategic Risk Management
Business Growth
High-Growth Firms


Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Dillen Y. Crijns H.  2016. Evolutie van het aantal snelgroeiende bedrijven in Vlaanderen in de periode 2008-2014. Over.Werk, (December)

  • Dillen Y.  2014. Growth persistence and profile robustness of high-growth firms. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, 6(4): 299-330.

  • Dillen Y.  2011. Snelgroeiende ondernemingen als motor van de Vlaamse jobcreatie: analyse van de tewerkstellingsbijdrage en profielkenmerken van de Vlaamse snelle groeiers. Over.Werk, : 75-80.

Conference Presentations

  • Dillen Y.  2016. The evolution in the role of the high-growth entrepreneur. Paper presented at EURAM Conference, June 1-4, Paris, France.

  • Dillen Y.  2014. Determinants of high-business growth: a case-based approach. Paper presented at the EURAM Conference, June 4-6, Valencia, Spain.

  • Dillen Y.  2013. Determinants of high-business growth: a case-based approach. Paper presented at the ICSB Conference, June 20-23, Ponce, Puerto Rico.

  • Dillen Y.  2011. Growth persistence and profile robustness of high-growth firms. Paper presented at RENT conference, November 17-18, Bodo, Norway.

Conference Proceedings

  • Dillen Y.  2011. Growth persistence and profile robustness of high-growth firms: longitudinal analysis of Flemish high-growth firms for the period 2000-2009. (pp. 1-23). Bodo:

Doctoral dissertation

  • Dillen Y.  2014. High-growth firms in Flanders: an analysis of the determinants of 'one-shot high-growth' and 'persistent high-growth'. Universiteit Antwerpen

Research reports

  • Slagmulder R. Cumps B. Dillen Y.  2017. Payments: refurnish or rebuild? Mastercard chair - Transforming for the future. (14 p.)

  • Dillen Y. Crijns H. Van Steen A. Ochs L.  2017. Impact van ondernemers op de maatschappij. Hoe 'geven" Vlaamse ondernemers aan de samenleving. Vlerick Business School. (42 p.)

  • Crijns H. Dillen Y.  2016. Belgian High-Growth Monitor 2016: Impulse Centre "Growth Management for Medium-sized Enterprises" (IGMO). Vlerick Business School. (11 p.)

  • Slagmulder R. Dillen Y.  2016. Trends and opportunities in today's payments sector. Vlerick Business School. (20 p.)