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  1. When ‘smart’ becomes ‘intelligent’

    The recent publication of a research paper entitled “The Impact of Supply Chain Resilience on the Business Case for Smart Meter Installation” was a new milestone in the Chair Partnership with Flemish gas and power distributor Eandis. What started off as a proof of concept among 4,000 households having a smart meter installed has grown into a challenging big data venture with information no-one has ever had before.

  2. To trade or not to trade

    What is the impact of the regulatory framework for transmission investments on the cost of renewable energy in the EU? Under the current regulatory framework transmission investment planning is mainly done at a national level. This may result in suboptimal transmission investments, i.e. maximising national rather than European welfare, as cross-border projects initiated by one member can be vetoed or delayed by the other member states involved. However, investments in transmission infrastructure are important to enable cross-border renewable energy trade. Why? Because such trade would help reduce the costs of achieving the national targets for renewable energy. So, the question is whether the current imperfect regulatory framework is actually a problem?

  3. Green frontier

    They may be eco-friendly, but clean tech companies confront hostile markets. In order to prevail, they will need to attract customers prepared to pay more for a green product, perform better than competitors, or change the rules of the game.

23 results Number of Results per Page