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  1. Case study

    ING Direct USA: Asset or liability for ING Group?

    ING Direct USA reinvented banking in the States and in the process rose from a crowd of over 12,000 banks to become one of the 30 largest banks by assets and deposits in the States. The company revolutionalised the American retail banking industry with a simple savings bank model, built around the customer. Nevertheless, the company faced a tough period during the financial crisis. What went wrong? Has ING Direct been able to recover?

  2. Post-Digital Innovation in Financial Services

    Changing consumer needs and expectations, combined with ‘post-digital’ technologies – such as big data, social, mobile, cloud, and cyber – are pushing the financial sector to fundamentally rethink operating and business models and to investigate new opportunities – especially mobile opportunities. A major strategic theme for the coming years will be how best to deploy one or more of these technologies to drive post-digital business innovation.

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    The future of the Belgian banking industry: the executives’ point of view

    Belgian banks are currently operating in a low growth, low interest rate environment, which is putting pressure on the main value driver for most banks: net interest income. At the same time, a vast body of regulatory rules is heading for the sector, which will require implementing new requirements and compliance procedures. So, how are Belgium’s banks navigating this post-crisis landscape – and what is the outlook for the next few years?

  4. Thinking Coherently for Everyone

    Niels Bohr once said that if all scientific knowledge would be lost and we were to pass only one sentence to the next generation that we should pass the information that matter is composed out of atoms. In this paper we would like to present another fact that might be equally important for the survival of our species and welfare.

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    Belgian banks’ performance over the last 10 years...

    How have Belgium’s banks been performing lately? To answer this question, Vlerick’s Centre for Financial Services undertook a study to develop a scorecard for assessing bank performance in the Belgian banking industry.

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