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  1. Butterfly

    From caterpillar to butterfly

    Increasingly, instead of just offering products or services, companies are integrating different products, services and technologies to provide solutions that are specifically designed to respond to customer demands and requirements. However, transforming from a product or service provider to a genuinely customer-centred solution provider implies re-aligning the entire organisation.

  2. Cross-disciplinary innovation in higher education: the time is now!

    Making entrepreneurial Flanders more creative and creative Flanders more entrepreneurial - how do you tackle this challenge? By bringing together two groups of people in society who can learn from one another and have complementary skills. And what better way to start with than students. By doing away with the traditional distinction between students from business disciplines and students from creative disciplines you can create a mindset that will continue when they work together later in the business world.

  3. Creating added value by innovating together: Business models built through open innovation can yield rich rewards

    Creating added value by innovating together: business models built through open innovation can yield rich rewards

    Dynamic and creative small firms can dominate tough markets by forging innovation partnerships to create and capture value from new opportunities even if they are low- or medium-tech companies. Difficult market conditions force small and medium-sized firms to adapt or reinvent their businesses through new technologies or unique value propositions, but they often lack resources and technical capabilities and must thus collaborate with others to compete.

  4. Building and leveraging your ecosystem to spark innovation-based growth

    Building and leveraging your ecosystem to spark innovation-based growth

    What determines innovation success? More and more, it’s not necessarily the core technology or the innovation’s value proposition. The ultimate defining factor can be the innovation ecosystem: that is, the interdependent partner network needed to generate, develop and deliver a technology-based or business-model innovation.

  5. Innovation in the Elderly Care Sector - At the Edge of Chaos

    Innovation in the Elderly Care Sector - At the Edge of Chaos

    Ageing populations are increasingly confronting the elderly care provision systems in Western countries with a number of challenges, including increasing and changing needs, personnel shortages and financial challenges. This calls for new policy strategies and rethought and restructured organisations and institutions.

  6. Target

    Innovation keeps Flanders’ Logistics on Track

    Innovation leads to growth. That is what 5 success stories in the logistics sector clearly demonstrate. Flanders will still be an attractive focal-point for logistics activities tomorrow. Certainly if we convert weaknesses into opportunities.

  7. Everybody innovates

    The ageing population, migration, the rise of new economic superpowers and the growing importance of the service sector pose major challenges for Flanders. Our economic fabric can meet these challenges – provided that our policy defines concepts like ‘economic growth’ and ‘innovation’ much more broadly. A vision statement by Flanders DC.

  8. Communication

    Downstream innovation - Why the iPhone is such a success story

    For some years now, Apple has been incomparable at capitalising on these cognitive processes and, with clever product innovations, has succeeded in redefining the market for various electronic products (e.g., computers, MP3 players, mobile phones, and so on). A connecting thread running through these innovations is the introduction of the ‘design’ aspect as a purchasing criterion, which has been innovative in the product category every time.

30 results Number of Results per Page