Carglass®: Building and Sustaining a Customer-Centric Organisation

This case is part of a case series and is available at The Case Centre with reference no. 313-329-1 and 313-330-1.

This case study explains in great detail what it means and takes to build and sustain a customer-centric organization. This allowed Carglass®  to have great top line and bottom line growth in a saturated market. The case raises the question how to sustain a culture of continuous improvement when customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction can hardly be improved.

The second case study “From Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight” provides an answer to what Carglass has done to keep its culture of continuous improvement, despite having very high customer and employee satisfaction scores. The company has replaced customer satisfaction measures with measures of customer delight (Net Promoter Score). And then continued to look for improvement opportunities for its employees.

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